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  • Men's Basketball Records, 1947-2007

    Record ID: U300.02

    Component Level: Series

  • Jack Rose-Tape

    Record ID: U302.01.0001.00009

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: ''KCNC-TV Denver'' logo on cassette. Handwritten on side: ''Amy Turner-Jack Rose University of Denver.''

  • Murray Armstrong-Testimonial Tape

    Record ID: U302.01.0001.00002

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Typewritten on videocassette: ''Murray Armstrong Testimonial Tape Dub.''

  • 30 Second PSA DU Hockey

    Record ID: U302.01.0001.00003

    Component Level: Item

  • D.U. 1987-88 Highlights, between 1987-1988

    Record ID: U302.01.0001.00004

    Component Level: Item

  • University of Denver Football Coach and Administrators, between 1953-1955

    Record ID: U300.01.0004.00015

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: University of Denver men's football coach Bob Blackman (right) poses outdoors next to Director of Athletics Elton E. (Tad) Wieman (center) and DU chancellor Chester M. Alter.

  • University of Denver Ski Team Members and Coach, between 1950-1960

    Record ID: U300.01.0004.00016

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Several University of Denver (DU) Pioneers ski team members, one in a letterman's jacket, and head coach Willy Schaeffler, receive an envelope from DU administrators.

  • 1953-1954 University of Denver Ski Team, 1954

    Record ID: U300.01.0004.00023

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: The University of Denver (DU) ski team, 1954 National Collegiate Ski Champions, several of whom are holding trophies, pose for a group portrait at the airport with a sign that reads ''Welcome Home National Collegiate Ski Champions.'' Front row (left to right): John G. L'Orange ('55), Russell Crook ('55), Francis Wallace ('56), Coach Willy Schaeffler, David C. Shaw ('57), Glynn Cress ('57), Gunnar Jansen ('56). Back row: Dale F. Thompson ('55), Marvin L. Crawford ('54), Alvin Paul Wegeman Sr. ('55, '56), John R. Cress ('56), Willis S. Olson ('56).

  • University of Denver Men's Football Players, between 1956-1960

    Record ID: U300.01.0004.00030

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: University of Denver Pioneers men's football players pose in play formation as head coach John Roning stands to the side with a whistle during a team practice at the DU football stadium in Denver, Colorado.

  • University of Denver Guest Football Coaches, between 1950-1955

    Record ID: U300.01.0004.00032

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Two University of Denver (DU) Pioneers guest coaches hold up a clipboard and confer in front of a sign that reads: ''Winningest Coaches (Pct.): Carberry: 1.000 (1-0), Wilkinson: .901, Tatum: .800, Blaik: .794.'' Jack Carberry, sports editor of the Denver Post newspaper, stands on the left.