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  • Schloss Family Papers and World War II Artifact

    ID: B293

    Creator: Schloss, Charles M.

    Abstract: This collection consists of biographical history of the Schloss family that Charles M. Schloss wrote for his children. The collection provides brief ancestral histories, digital photographs of family members and former homes, descriptions of late 19th-century and early 20th-century Denver communities, the development of Schloss Engineered Equipment, and personal correspondence.

  • Harold Winograd Schoolwork, 1936-1937

    Record ID: B266.03.0002.0013

    Component Level: File

    Creator: Winograd, Harold

  • Cheltenham Elementary School Collection

    ID: B379

    Abstract: Cheltenham Elementary School served many Jewish students from the west side of Denver. The kindergarten class of 1936 began having reunions in 1969. The collection contains some general photographs and photographs of attendees of the 80th reunion. Attendees include Helen Morris and Max Appel.

  • Schools and Arrow Club, 1924-1984

    Record ID: B162.02

    Component Level: Series

    Abstract: This series contains school photographs, graduation programs and photographs from various junior and high schools in Denver. It also includes a 50th Anniversary program for "The Arrow Club, 1934-1984".) The Arrow Club was formed by West Side Denver Jewish boys in 1934.

  • Schools and Arrow Club, 1924-1984

    Record ID: B162.02.0001.0004

    Component Level: File

    Abstract: Contains Lake Jr. High School 1931 yearbook; and an invitation and Graduation Exercises of North High School (June 9, 1934) and 1934 Class Day program listing Max Heller as the Assistant Director of the class play "Leave it to Psmith." Also contains 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Arrow Club, 1934-1984 from August 2, 1984.

  • Hy Rosen, 2000 - 2004

    Record ID: B292.01.0001.0001

    Component Level: File

    Creator: Sladek, Daniel, 1965-

    Creator: Sladek, Ron D.

    Abstract: Hyman Rosen was born in Denver in 1916, the third youngest of the thirteen children of Samuel and Zelda Rosen, Russian Jewish immigrants who settled on the west side of Denver. Hyman Rosen began selling papers in 1922 for the Denver Post and continued as a newsboy for eight years. He married Rose Levitt of Denver and they moved to Orange County in California. The folder contains a letter from The Denver Post referencing a report on Denver newsboys, an eulogy for Hy Rosen dated 27 October 2000, and Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Notes: "Hustling Sheets: The Jewish Newsboys of Denver," parts I and II, by his great-nephew Ron D. Sladek.

  • Woman with Infants, between 1940-1960

    Record ID: B063.04.0012.00006

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: A women wears a headscarf and sit with infants who wear furry jackets, knit caps, and scarves. One child wears a button with the initials U.S.N.A.

  • Beck Archives Photograph Collection

    ID: B063

    Abstract: The Beck Archives Photograph Collection contains materials which reflect the rich, varied, and vibrant Jewish experience in the Rocky Mountain region, with a special emphasis on Colorado.

  • National Jewish Home for Asthmatic Children, between 1930-1939

    Record ID: B063.04.0020.00005

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Three unidentified boys work in a hobby shop at the National Jewish Home for Asthmatic Children.

  • Jewish National Home for Asthmatic Children in Denver, between 1945-1960

    Record ID: B063.04.0020.00006

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Several unidentified children and an unidentified woman sit or stand around a piano where another unidentified woman is playing.