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  • Harold Dunham Papers

    ID: M140

    Creator: Dunham, Harold Hathaway, 1903-1971

    Abstract: Harold Dunham was born September 1, 1903 in Dayton, Ohio. He received a BA from Swathmore College and an MA and PhD from Columbia University. He became the historian for the U. S. Army Transportation Corps in 1944. He taught history, including Western History and Civil War, at the University of Denver from 1946 until his death in 1971. This collection contains catalogues, pamphlets, documents, correspondence, scrapbook, memorabilia, and voting records collected by Harold Dunham in his historical research. Collection also includes research on Henry S. Alcott, a founder of the Theosophical Society.

  • Box 1

    Record ID: M140.0001

    Component Level: File

    Abstract: Professor Dunham's Research on Henry S. Alcott, a founder of the theosophical society.

  • Accrual: Center for Judaic Studies Records, U054

  • Recipes and Correspondence, 1865-1970s

    Record ID: B360.03.0033.0027

    Component Level: File

    Abstract: Folder containing handwritten recipes and handwritten letters. One letter is dated January 1st, 1865. Recipes presumably collected for the publication of the AMC Cookbook in 1971.

  • Box 1, late 1800s-1970s

    Record ID: M101.02.0001

    Component Level: File

    Abstract: (3) file folders, include: John M. Chivington biography, family, correspondence.

  • Box 23, 1941-2000

    Record ID: B356.04.0023

    Component Level: File

    Abstract: Dorothy and Norman Gross family correspondence and photos. Records relating to Valerie Gross.

  • Letter from Ben Friedland to A.A. Braverman, 1926 August 31

    Record ID: B002.01.0099.0011.00002

    Component Level: Item

    Creator: Friedland, Ben

    Abstract: Typed letter from Ben Friedland to Mr. A.A. Braverman and dated Aug. 31, 1926. Reply to a letter from August 24th in which a pledge of $100.00 was corrected to correspond to Leon A. Schwartzman. States Leon A. Schwartzman died in the JCRS institution in 1907 and was interred in Mt. Nebo Cemetery Lot #25, grave #66. Letter is not signed, but "Ben Friedland, Assistant Secretary" is typed at the bottom.

  • Letter from David Zackheim, 1908 August 4

    Record ID: B002.01.0100.0011.00008

    Component Level: Item

    Creator: Zackheim, David

    Abstract: Handwritten letter in ink from David Zackheim in Buffalo, New York, stating that he is glad that his friend, Jake Miller, is in the Sanitorium of the Jewish Consumptives' and hopes that he will be well, thanking them for their kindness. Letter is signed David Zackheim.

  • Letter from J.H. Jonessoff to A.D. Diamond, 1908 February 6

    Record ID: B002.01.0099.0011.00009

    Component Level: Item

    Creator: Jonessoff, J.H.

    Abstract: Typed letter from J.H. Jonessoff, dated Feb. 6, 1908, to A.D. Diamond. Requests to know the amount of burrial expenses, but if none, money will go to the widow and two babies of Mr. Leon A. Schwartzman. Letter is signed, J.H. Jonessoff.

  • Yiddish Letter from Rabbi Gemach Hoffenberg

    Record ID: B002.01.0100.0012.00019

    Component Level: Item

    Creator: Hoffenberg, Gemach, Rabbi

    Abstract: Yiddish letter on Gemach Hoffenberg, Rabbi of Hartford, Connecticut, from Rabbi Gemach Hoffenberg. Letter is signed Rabbi Gemach Hoffenberg.