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  • The War Years: Berlin, between 1940-1945

    Record ID: B333.02.0001.0002

    Component Level: File

    Abstract: Documents related to the Loewenstein's life in Berlin during World War II. File includes a letter to Dr. Max Loewenstein from the Reich Association of Jews in Germany, letter from the Wittenauer Sanatorium admitting Max Loewenstein, visitors pass for Marie Loewenstein to Wittenauer Sanatorium, eviction notices for Max and Marie Lowenstein from the Jewish Cultural Association of Berlin, letter to Marie Loewenstein postponing the eviction order, letter from Wittenauer Sanatorium discharging Max Loewenstein, Max Loewenstein's registration with the police, receipts used by Marie Loewenstein to verify residence in a Jewish home, two copies of Marie Loewenstein's birth and baptism certificate, two copies of Max and Marie Loewenstein's marriage certificate, Marie's parent's marriage certificate, an anonymous poem shared by Berlin Jews, Marie Loewenstein's working papers, two household ID booklets, and four ration books belonging to Karin Steinberg and Marie Loewenstein.

  • National Jewish Hospital's Board of Trustees, between 1920-1940

    Record ID: B063.03.0003.00007

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Portrait of National Jewish Hospital's Board of Trustees stands on steps of an unidentified building, which was probably located on the hospital's campus. First row left to right: M. D. Barnett, Rabbi William Friedman, two unidentified men, and Dr. Robert Levy. Second row left to right: Sam Cohen, Ernest Morris, Sam Grimes, Sam Fleisher, and Arthur Friedman. Row 3 left to right: Michael Baum, three unidentified men, and Morris Cohen. Row 4 left to right: Dr. Adelman, an unidentified man, and David Harlem.

  • Dignitaries of National Jewish Hospital, between 1920-1930

    Record ID: B063.03.0019.00058

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Dignitaries of National Jewish Hospital in Denver, Colorado. National Jewish Hospital is located on the corner of Colfax Avenue and Colorado Boulevard. Pictured are Mayor Stapleton, Governor Sweet, Seraphine Pisko, Rabbi William Friedman and Judge Ben Lindsey.

  • National Jewish Hospital, between 1900-1930

    Record ID: B063.03.0019.00083

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Three buildings of National Jewish Hospital can be seen across a road. The largest building has a banner which says "National Jewish Hospital for Consumptives."

  • Exterior of the First National Jewish Hospital Building, between 1899-1902

    Record ID: B063.03.0036.00057

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Exterior of the first building on the campus of National Jewish Hospital. This building was known as the Frances Jacobs Hospital and was founded in 1899. In 1907, the name of the hospital changed to the National Asthma Center. It later became the Children's Asthma Research Institute and Hospital, National Jewish Hospital/National Asthma Center (1978), and National Jewish Center for Immunology and Respiratory Medicine (1985).

  • Anna Hillkowitz, circa 1907

    Record ID: B063.08.0024.00002

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Anna Hillkowitz in a formal pose is wearing eyeglasses, a necklace, and a large hat.

  • Dr. Isadore Bronfin, circa 1920

    Record ID: B063.03.0034.0018.00001

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Formal portrait of Dr. Isadore Bronfin.

  • Mrs. H. Schoenfeld with Unidentified Woman Patient, between 1940-1960

    Record ID: B002.04.0214.0001.00001

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Mrs. H. Schoenfeld of Miami Beach with an unidentified woman patient. Neg. No#34.

  • Mrs. H. Schoenfeld with Two Unidentified Woman Patients, between 1940-1960

    Record ID: B002.04.0214.0001.00002

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Mrs. H. Schoenfeld of Miami Beach with two unidentified woman patients. Neg. No#29.

  • Mrs. H. Schoenfeld with Three Unidentified Male Patients, between 1940-1960

    Record ID: B002.04.0214.0001.00003

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Mrs. H. Schoenfeld of Miami Beach with three unidentified male patients. Neg. No#40.