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  • Licia Albanesse

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    Abstract: Licia Albanese, born 7-23-1909 in Bari, Apulia, Italy was an actress and lyric opera singer. She died 8-15-2014 in Manhattan.

  • Marian Anderson

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    Abstract: Marian Anderson (2-27-1897 to 4-8-1993) one of the most celebrated singers of the 20th century. Important figure in the struggle for black artists to overcome racial prejudice and was first black person to perform at the Metropolitan Opera in New York

  • Raymond Binay (Metropolitan Opera)

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    Abstract: Raymond Binay was a performer at the Metropolitan Opera.

  • Mario Chamlee

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    Abstract: (1892-1966) Lead tenor who replaced Enrico Caruso at the Metropolitan.

  • Paul Csonka (Founder Salzburg Opera Guild)

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    Abstract: Paul Csonka (10-24-1905 to 11-24-1995) composed and translated musical composition.

  • Marguerite D'Alvarez

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    Abstract: American appearance in Metropolitan Opera Co. Made accoustic recordings and appeared in three films.

  • Jean Dickinson

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  • Jenny Dufay?

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    Abstract: French Opera singer (1878-1924) who sang in Chicago.

  • Mabel Garrison

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    Abstract: Mabel Garrison Siemonn (4-24-1886 to 8-20-1963) American coloratura soprano who sang at the Metropolitan Opera from 1914 to 1921.

    Abstract: For Mr and Mrs Oberfelder whom I like so very much! from the "not-always-so-pensive" Mabel Garrison

  • Igor Gorin

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    Abstract: Igor Gorin (ne Ignatz Greenberg 10-26-1904 to 3-24-1982) Cantor who played on radio and television and recordings.