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  • Collection on Guldman Family and Golden Eagle Dry Goods

    ID: B294

    Abstract: Leopold H. Guldman was born in Harburg, Bavaria in 1853 and immigrated to the United States in 1870. He was one of Colorado's leading merchants and philanthropists. Guldman came to the Colorado mountains in search of silver, but found it more profitable to open the Golden Eagle clothing stores in Leadville and Cripple Creek. In 1879, Guldman moved to Denver and opened his third and most successful Golden Eagle enterprise, which for many years was Denver's leading popular-price department store. By 1901, its five-story building occupied most of the block at 16th and Lawrence Streets. Guldman's philanthropy contributed to the growth of National Jewish Hospital (NJH), the Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society (JCRS), Beth Israel Hospital, Temple Emanuel, and the Guldman Community Center, which evolved into today's Denver Jewish Community Center. After Guldman's death in 1936, his store endured hard times and was forced to close in 1941.

  • The Mosaic Outdoor Mountain Club Records

    ID: B346

    Creator: Mosaic Outdoor Mountain Club

    Abstract: The Mosaic Outdoor Mountain Club (MOMC) was founded in Colorado by Steve Harris Millmond in December 1988. It was incorporated as a Colorado nonprofit corporation on 5/11/1989. The organization was devoted to hiking, trail cleanups, environmental education and social and recreational activities for individuals in the Jewish community. Colorado records include bylaws; class, trip, and membership materials; and various newsletters and schedules of events.

  • Box 2

    Record ID: B356.01.0002

    Component Level: File

    Abstract: Contains one drum used in Vaudeville performances by the Bercu sisters.

  • David Kline, First President of Denver's B'nai B'rith, circa 1872

    Record ID: B063.04.0012.00001

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Formal portrait of Denver Jewish pioneer merchant David Kline, who moved to the city in 1865 and served as the first president of Denver's B'nai B'rith Lodge No. 171. He and Charles Schayer had also been leading members of the Hebrew Burial Society, which evolved into the Hebrew Benevolent Society.

  • Kobey Family Home in Aspen, Colorado, circa 1915

    Record ID: B063.02.0010.00005

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Exterior of the Kobey family home in Aspen, Colorado.

  • Shul Baer Milstein Sits with a Long Pipe, circa 1895

    Record ID: B063.08.0039.00001

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Shul Baer Milstein, wearing a yarmulke and smoking a long pipe, sits at a table with an open Talmud in front of him. A tapestry hangs on the wall behind his chair. Milstein, who immigrated from Russia, was an early leader in Denver's west side Orthodox Jewish community and in Congregation Zera Abraham. He was also a patriarch of the Cotopaxi Colony, an agricultural community located in Cotopaxi, Colorado that failed in 1884. He was a peddler and later opened his own kosher butcher shop.

  • Hannah Levy as a Young Woman, between 1930-1939

    Record ID: B063.08.0039.00005

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Hannah Levy sits in an outdoor setting in the early 1930s. Hannah and brother Jack Levy are the founders of several women's clothing retail stores, in Colorado: the Hosiery Bar, Fashion Bar, and Hannah. She also became a leading Colorado philanthropist and helped support numerous community institutions, including the Rose Hospital and the University of Denver.

  • Etta Miller Robinson, between 1890-1900

    Record ID: B063.08.0039.00007

    Component Level: Item

    Creator: Nast Studio

    Abstract: Formal portrait of Etta Miller Robinson who wears a flowered full-length dress with lace at the collar and cuffs, and a sash at the waist. "Etta Miller Robinson" is handwritten in pen on the back of the photograph. Robinson was married to Louis Robinson and was the mother of Samuel Robinson of Robinson Dairy.

  • Sunshine, Feiner, and Ginsberg Families Composite, between 1880-1910

    Record ID: B063.05.0005.00014

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Three formal poses of the heads of the Sunshine, Feiner, and Ginsberg families: Mr. and Mrs. Sunshine (left, standing), Mr.and Mrs. Jacob Feiner (center, seated), Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Sarnoff Ginsberg (right, she is standing, he is seated). Composite was made sometime in the 1970s, but the original images date to the early 20th century.

  • Seven Solomon Sisters, between 1910-1920

    Record ID: B063.05.0005.00018

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Headshots of all seven Solomon sisters: Esther, Deborah, Theresa, Anne, Flora, Ruth, and Goldie.