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  • 1985 Men's Tennis--Spring, 1985

    Record ID: U300.06.0021.0024

    Component Level: File

    Abstract: Men's tennis schedules, statistics, scores from spring 1985.

  • Minnie Ginsberg Heller Playing Tennis, 1925

    Record ID: B063.05.0053.00007

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Molly Cohen Bloom, Esther Sher Gamsey, and Minnie Ginsberg Heller stand near tennis courts holding tennis racquets and wearing tennis outfits. The tennis courts were near St. Anthony's Hospital in Lakewood, Colorado.

  • Larry Loeb, between 1970-1990

    Record ID: B063.08.0008.00031

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Larry Loeb playing tennis.

  • Members of the State Tennis Team, between 1910-1930

    Record ID: B063.05.0041.00105

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Members of the State Tennis Team with their coach. Left to right are Brule Madison, Dan Gilman, an unidentified man, Wayne Leiser, and Coach Hoffman.

  • Youth Tennis Players, between 1920-1930

    Record ID: B063.05.0041.00106

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Eight youth tennis players pose together with their racquets and a dog in front of a tennis net.

  • Youth Tennis Players, between 1920-1930

    Record ID: B063.05.0041.00107

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Blurry photograph of a photograph of several tennis players posed together with their racquets on a tennis court.

  • Fay Shwayder Morris, between 1930-1950

    Record ID: B063.08.0047.00048

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Fay Shwayder Morris, later Carter, playing tennis.

  • Larry Loeb, between 1939-1941

    Record ID: B063.08.0033.0007.00001

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Larry Loeb plays tennis.

  • Climax Dairy, Picnics, Akron, Colorado, undated

    Record ID: B229.01.0035.0006

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Silent black and white film depicting Climax Dairy Company operations. Also includes scenes depicting various picnics and trips around Colorado, including in Akron, Colorado.

  • Play Ball: Colorado Jewish Athletes, 2013

    Record ID: B230.03.0023.00011

    Component Level: Item

    Creator: Abrams, Jeanne E., 1951-

    Creator: Starwest Productions

    Abstract: Brief biographies of Jewish men and women athletes as well as sports personalities from Colorado. Written and directed by Jeanne Abrams for the 2013 RMJHS Dinner.