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  • A. Helen Anderson Papers

    ID: M016

    Creator: Anderson, A. Helen, 1891-1975

    Abstract: A. Helen Anderson was the Director of Publications for Denver Public Schools, Denver, Colorado (1929-1956) during the tenure of Superintendent Archie Threlkeld. Anderson taught at South High School in Denver from 1929-1956. She was an advocate for improved educational programs in the Denver area. Editorials, newspaper clippings and correspondence on public school controversies such as McCarthyism and school integration, assembled during A. Helen Anderson's tenure as Director of Publications for the Denver Public Schools.

  • Archie Loyd Threlkeld Papers

    ID: M012

    Creator: Threlkeld, Archie Loyd, 1889-1967

    Abstract: Archie Loyd Threlkeld (1889-1967) was Assistant and Deputy Superintendent of the Denver Public Schools from 1921 to 1927 under Jesse H. Newlon. He was Superintendent of the Denver Public Schools for ten years, from 1927 to 1937. While Deputy Superintendent, A. L. Threlkeld directed the curriculum revision program that became internationally known. During the Great Depression, Threlkeld continued the school building program and successfully resisted cutting teachers' salaries.

  • Ricks Center for Gifted Children Records

    ID: U338

  • University of Denver Board of Trustees Records

    ID: U114

    Creator: University of Denver. Board of Trustees

    Abstract: The Board of Trustees Records include the records of the Board of Trustees of Colorado Seminary, an entity created by Legislative Charter in 1864 which holds legal title to University property, and the Board of Trustees of the University of Denver, the corporation that grants degrees earned in the University. It also includes minutes, associated documents of committees of the boards, and reports to the board.