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  • A. Helen Anderson Papers

    ID: M016

    Creator: Anderson, A. Helen, 1891-1975

    Abstract: A. Helen Anderson was the Director of Publications for Denver Public Schools, Denver, Colorado (1929-1956) during the tenure of Superintendent Archie Threlkeld. Anderson taught at South High School in Denver from 1929-1956. She was an advocate for improved educational programs in the Denver area. Editorials, newspaper clippings and correspondence on public school controversies such as McCarthyism and school integration, assembled during A. Helen Anderson's tenure as Director of Publications for the Denver Public Schools.

  • A. Helen Anderson Papers, 1949-1968

    ID: M016

    Creator: Anderson, A. Helen, 1891-1975

  • Archie Loyd Threlkeld Papers

    ID: M012

    Creator: Threlkeld, Archie Loyd, 1889-1967

    Abstract: Archie Loyd Threlkeld (1889-1967) was Assistant and Deputy Superintendent of the Denver Public Schools from 1921 to 1927 under Jesse H. Newlon. He was Superintendent of the Denver Public Schools for ten years, from 1927 to 1937. While Deputy Superintendent, A. L. Threlkeld directed the curriculum revision program that became internationally known. During the Great Depression, Threlkeld continued the school building program and successfully resisted cutting teachers' salaries.

  • Dorothy (Dokes) Kobey Berry Papers

    ID: B100

    Creator: Berry, Dokes (Dorothy Kobey), 1905-2009

    Abstract: Dorothy "Dokes" Berry (nee Kobey) was born in Aspen, Colorado in 1905. During Berry's childhood Aspen's primary industry was mining and very few Jewish families lived in the town. Her father and his brothers were businessmen who owned and operated apparel stores in Aspen, including the Kobey Shoe and Clothing Company. After she graduated from Aspen High School, Dorothy Kobey taught at a county school in Cow Creek, Colorado, outside Steamboat Springs. She moved to Denver, Colorado with her siblings in 1924 to attend the University of Denver after receiving a scholarship to the school. In 1927 she married Nathan Berry, a salesman who worked at her uncle's downtown Denver business, the Kobey Shoe Store.

    The papers document Jewish family life in Aspen, Colorado during the early 1900s. The papers contain newspaper and magazine articles, 1 photographic print, family tree charts and a CD-ROM that contains digitized photographs and digitized printed materials, including U.S. census records.

    The Dorothy (Dokes) Kobey Berry Papers document the growth of businesses in Colorado mountain towns and Jewish social life and customs in Aspen, Colorado during the early 1900s. The Kobey families were among the dozen or so Jewish families in the close-knit mining town of Aspen when Dokes Kobey was growing up. This collection documents Jewish family life, with an emphasis on the lives of Jewish women, in Aspen, Colorado in the early 1900s. Dokes Kobey Berry died in Denver on February 24, 2009.

  • Jesse H. Newlon Papers

    ID: M013

    Creator: Newlon, Jesse H. (Jesse Homer), 1882-1941

    Abstract: Jesse H. Newlon (1882-1941) served as Superintendent of the Denver Public Schools from 1920 to 1927. During his tenure, Denver became nationally known for its innovations in public education. While Superintendent of the Denver Public Schools, Newlon oversaw the building of fifteen schools, created a program for curriculum revision in which classroom teachers were the key participants, and gained consensus for a single salary schedule for teachers, regardless of whether they taught in grade schools or high schools.