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  • Alter Kalman Family Tree

    ID: B104

    Abstract: Collection contains two large prints of a family tree of Alter Kalman.

  • Beck Archives Photograph Collection

    ID: B063

    Abstract: The Beck Archives Photograph Collection contains materials which reflect the rich, varied, and vibrant Jewish experience in the Rocky Mountain region, with a special emphasis on Colorado.

  • Bercu Gross Family Papers

    ID: B356

    Abstract: The material in the collection includes items, photographs, and papers related to Dorothy Bercu Gross and her husband Norman Gross, her extended family, and her Vaudeville career in the 1920s and 1930s. Her father owned the Chicago Hide, Fur and Wool Company in Douglas, Wyoming and Denver, Colorado. The collection spans from the late 1800s to 2015 and illustrates an extended Jewish family and vaudeville performers.

  • Collection on Cotopaxi Colony

    ID: B321

    Abstract: The failed agricultural colony of Cotopaxi, Colorado existed from 1882 to 1884. The Hebrew Emigrant Aid Society (HEAS) in New York accepted an offer from Emanuel H. Saltiel, who owned land along the Arkansas River between Salida and Canon City. Saltiel was to build cabins and give supplies necessary for Russian Jewish families to be successful farmers. The land was unsuitable for farming and Saltiel did not fulfill his promises. The last families left in 1884 and the colony ceased to exist. Many of Denver’s longtime Jewish families are descendants of Cotopaxi colonists. The collection contains articles, a thesis, maps, reports, genealogical information and documents, and a plank from one of the colonist’s cabins.

  • Golda Meir and Jennie Korngold Collection

    ID: B151

    Abstract: Future Israeli prime minister Golda Meir (Golda Mabovitch Meyerson) resided in Denver from 1913 to 1914 as a high school student. After an argument with her parents, she ran away from Milwaukee to join her sister Shayna Mabovitch Korngold and her husband Sam in Denver. Shayna was one of the many east European Jews who flocked to Colorado to "chase the cure" for tuberculosis. Shana was a patient at both the National Jewish Hospital (NJH) and later at the Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society (JCRS). After recovering her health, she married San Korngold and settled in a small duplex in the West Colfax Jewish immigrant neighborhood. While in Denver, Golda lived with Shana and Sam, attended North High School, met her future husband, and developed her social and political views and her lifelong committment to democratic socialism.

    The collection includes clippings and documents related to Golda Meir and Shayna Korngold, including a copy of Golda's transcript and Shayna's patient application record for the JCRS.

  • Lowenstein Family Papers and Art

    ID: B333

    Creator: Lowenstein, Henry, 1925-2014

    Abstract: Ernst Heinrich Loewenstein [Henry Lowenstein] was born in Berlin, Germany in 1925 to a Jewish father and a non-Jewish mother. To escape Nazi brutality, he was sent on the Kindertransport to England in 1939. His parents, Dr. Max and Maria Loewenstein, and his half-sister, Karin Steinberg, remained in Berlin during World War II. Shortly after the war the family emigrated to the United States to avoid persecution. Materials in this collection include legal documents and correspondence, personal letters from family and friends, photographs, Maria and Henry Lowenstein's oral histories, as well as an exhibit booklet containing a brief family history in Germany. The collection also contains sketches and acryllic paintings done by Maria Lowenstein, a few of them sketched in German. And there are watercolors of set designs done by Henry Lowenstein for the Bonfils Theater. The collection is arranged chronologically into seven folders and documents the Loewenstein Family's struggle to survive in Berlin during the Holocaust.

  • Morris Krupp Objects and Papers

    ID: B368

    Abstract: The collection contains a photograph of Goldie and Morris Krupp and a photograph of Morris, a tie pin, and the "Lazy K Lazy L" branding iron registered in 1929 by Morris Krupp. The "K Lazy L" branding iron was registered by Morris Krupp on January 14, 1918. The collection also contains a framed photograph of Goldie Krupp, and a blanket from the Park Lane Hotel. The collection illustrates the lives of a Jewish cowboy and his wife.

  • Robert Adelstein Papers

    ID: B332

    Creator: Adelstein, Robert

    Creator: Adelstein, Bertha Greenberg

    Abstract: Bertha Greenberg, daughter of Aaron and Julia Miller Greenberg, was born in 1904 in Russia and died in Denver on November 5, 1996. The Greenberg family settled in Sioux City, Iowa after coming to the United States. Bertha Greenberg married Morris Adelstein on January 27, 1924 in Sioux City, Iowa. Morris Adelstein founded Northwestern Engineering Company in Kadoka, South Dakota in 1924. Two sons were born to Morris and Bertha Greenberg, Sanford born on August 19, 1931 in Sioux City, Iowa, and Robert (Bob) M. was born December 8, 1934 in Rapid City, South Dakota. Both sons were involved in the engineering company, but Bob Adelstein sold his interest in 1991. Bob Adelstein received a M.A. from the University of Denver in 1975 and has practiced as a Psychiatric Social Worker doing family and individual therapy. He has been a leader in Denver’s Jewish community and was on the Board of Directors of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency from 1984-2006. He was Vice-President of the JTA for six years. The collection has two handwritten books with illustrations done by Bertha Greenberg and her correspondence, a soft-covered book “Around the World in 80 Years: Eight Decades of Journalism by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, and hard-covered photography books created by Robert M. Adelstein. The papers tell the story of Jewish families in Iowa, South Dakota, and Denver, Colorado.

  • Sobol Family Digitized Lease and Photographs

    ID: B099

    Abstract: Leon and Ella Sobol came from Minnesota to Denver in the early 1900s. In 1908 Ella Sobol signed a lease with Harris Pellish to use his property at 2715 West Colfax for a theatre until 1910. Pellish opened a movie theatre in 1910. Harry Sobol, Leon and Ella's son, Harry married Sarah Gross. Two of their sons were Bill and Maurice Barnard Sobol. The collection consists of a scanned copy of the 1908 lease and 9 scanned photographs. The VHS of Sobol family home films from 1925 to 1949 is in the RMJHS Oral Histories (B098.15.0019.00006.)