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  • 1948 ROA Convention

    Summary: Ed Silverberg, identified by an arrow, dances during the 1948 ROA Convention.

  • 1948 ROA Convention

    Summary: Several men and two women sit on a hill eating a picnic during the 1948 ROA Convention.

  • 1948 ROA Convention

    Summary: The thirteen newly elected officers of the ROA pose together in front of a window during the 1948 ROA Convention. Col. Ed Silverberg is standing on the far right of the back row.

  • 1948 ROA Convention

    Summary: Left to right Col. Ed Silverberg, an unidentified officer, and Gen McAuliffe during the 1948 ROA Convention.

  • 50th Anniversary of Julius and Flora Lewin

    Summary: Members of the Lewin family pose around Julius and Flora Lewin at the Progress Club in Denver, Colorado during their 50th Anniversary celebration. Back row left to right are Henry Richland, Edna Lewin, Elsie Lewin, Dave Lewin, Ann Lewin, Daisy Lewin, Sam Lustig, Bertha Lustig, Jesse Lewin, Lou Lewin, Bella Lewin, Ralph Lewin, Millie Lewin, Milton Lendner, and Dora Lewin. Middle row left to right are Minnie Richland, Ed Lewin, Julia Lewin, Albert Lewin, Julius Lewin, Flora Lewin, Phil Lewin, Jennie Lewin, Joe Lustig, and Mrs. Joe Lustig. Bottom row left to right are Lou Lewin, Morton Lewin, Arthur Richland, Herbert Richland, Alice Lewin, Leo Lewin, Sylvia Lewin, and Melvin Lewin.

  • 59th Annual Convention of the International Order of B'nai B'rith


    Summary: Delegates to the 59th Annual Convention of the Internation Order of B'nai B'rith are posed in front of the Guggenheim Pavilion at National Jewish Hospital. The men in suits and the women in dresses and hats are standing and sitting in five rows. Other buildings can be seen in the background. Six men are watching behind a brick wall to the left of the building.The convention was held in Denver in June 1911.

  • A Legacy of Healing: Early Colorado Jews in Medicine


    Summary: Brief biographies of Jewish men and women who contributed to medicine, the Jewish community, and Colorado. Contains historical photographs and interviews with people who knew some of the early key figures.

  • A. B. Hirschfeld


    Summary: Formal head and shoulder portrait of A. B. Hirschfeld, a member of B'nai B'rith, Lodge 171, Denver, Colorado.

  • Abe and Rose Miller

    Summary: Abe and Rose Miller sit together in front of a fireplace.

  • Abe and Sussie Blott

    Summary: Abe and Sussie Blott, original settlers of the Chugwater, Wyoming colony, stand in front of a Greek Orthodox church.