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  • "Die Fahrt Nach Amerika" or "The Journey to America", circa 1920

    Record ID: B333.08.0003.0001.00003

    Component Level: Item

    Creator: Szalit-Marcus, Rachel, 1894-1942

    Abstract: Black and white lithograph of "Die Fahrt Nach Amerika" or "The Journey to America" which is part of a series of works artist Rachel Szalit-Marcus did for Sholom Aleichem's "Menshelakh un Stsenes" published in 1922. The print has passengers perhaps abord or waiting to board a ship for America. Seven figures are present: three men, one boy and three women. The men and boy wears hats and the women wear scarves on their heads. The group is huddled with their belongings behind a picket fence and face the left side of the print toward the sun.

  • 1905 Edition of Webster's Handy Dictionary, 1905

    Record ID: B107.03.0003.00005

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: 1905 Edition of Webster's Handy Dictionary, Illustrated. This dictionary belonged to Annie Ginsberg and her name is written inside the book on the first page.

  • 1923 High School Graduation, 1923

    Record ID: B100.03.0001.0003.00010

    Component Level: Item

    Creator: Harsham, Ted E.

    Abstract: Nathan, Dorothy, and Silas Kobey (left to right) pose for a formal portrait in Aspen, Colorado in 1923. All three wear graduation caps and gowns. Dorothy, whose nickname was ''Dokes,'' and Silas Kobey were the children of Harris and Leah Sheffel Kobey. Nathan Kobey was the son of Benjamin and Hattie Reiss Kobey, as well as a cousin of Dorothy and Silas Kobey. Dorothy was the valedictorian of the 1923 graduating class at Aspen High School in Aspen, Colorado.

  • 1948 ROA Convention, 1948

    Record ID: B063.05.0053.00046

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Ed Silverberg, identified by an arrow, dances during the 1948 ROA Convention.

  • 1948 ROA Convention, 1948

    Record ID: B063.05.0053.00047

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Several men and two women sit on a hill eating a picnic during the 1948 ROA Convention.

  • 35th Wedding Anniversary of Anna and Morris Hayutin, 1947

    Record ID: B063.05.0033.0001.00003

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Guests at the thirty-fifth wedding anniversary of Anna Ginsberg and Morris Hayutin are standing and seated at tables in a large room at the Wolhurst Country Club. The view is from the back of the room toward the head table where the Morris Hayutin family are seated. Guests identified on the back of the photograph are Rose Hayutin (Mrs. Harry), Robert Hayutin, Albert Hayutin, Becky Hayutin, Pearl Wolfson, Meyer Wolfson, Freda Zelinger, Morey Zelinger, Mr. Rosenblum, Rita Rosenblum, Pauline Quiat, Simon Quiat, Florence Glick, Al Glick, Sadie Feldman, Morris Hayutin family, Mary Grey, Phil Grey, Joe Ginskey, Max Hayutin, Flora Hayutin, Nathan Hausman, Esther Hausman, Max Sigman, Blanche Lowey, Max Cohan, Ann Cohan, Eva Levinson, and Beck Wandel.

  • 50th Anniversary of Julius and Flora Lewin, circa 1902

    Record ID: B063.05.0021.00116

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    Abstract: Members of the Lewin family pose around Julius and Flora Lewin at the Progress Club in Denver, Colorado during their 50th Anniversary celebration. Back row left to right are Henry Richland, Edna Lewin, Elsie Lewin, Dave Lewin, Ann Lewin, Daisy Lewin, Sam Lustig, Bertha Lustig, Jesse Lewin, Lou Lewin, Bella Lewin, Ralph Lewin, Millie Lewin, Milton Lendner, and Dora Lewin. Middle row left to right are Minnie Richland, Ed Lewin, Julia Lewin, Albert Lewin, Julius Lewin, Flora Lewin, Phil Lewin, Jennie Lewin, Joe Lustig, and Mrs. Joe Lustig. Bottom row left to right are Lou Lewin, Morton Lewin, Arthur Richland, Herbert Richland, Alice Lewin, Leo Lewin, Sylvia Lewin, and Melvin Lewin.

  • 59th Annual Convention of the International Order of B'nai B'rith, 1911 June

    Record ID: B063.04.0033.0017.00001

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    Abstract: Delegates to the 59th Annual Convention of the Internation Order of B'nai B'rith are posed in front of the Guggenheim Pavilion at National Jewish Hospital. The men in suits and the women in dresses and hats are standing and sitting in five rows. Other buildings can be seen in the background. Six men are watching behind a brick wall to the left of the building.The convention was held in Denver in June 1911.

  • 80th Anniversary at Temple Aaron, 1969 September 17

    Record ID: B063.06.0022.00049

    Component Level: Item

    Abstract: Photograph of a photograph of seventeen unidentified men and women sitting and standing around a dining room table with a cake for the 80th Anniversary of Temple Aaron in Trinidad, Colorado.

  • A Legacy of Caring: Early Colorado Jewish Women, 1860-1930, 2004

    Record ID: B230.03.0013.00009

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    Abstract: Brief biographies of Jewish women who contributed to philanthropy and social activism, the Jewish community, and Colorado. Contains historical photographs and interviews with people who knew some of the early key women.