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  • Arthur A. Wright Papers

    ID: M228

    Abstract: Arthur A. Wright was a teacher and historian of the American West. His book "The Civil War in the Southwest" was published in 1964. He was a frequent contributor to the Colorado Magazine, published by the Colorado Historical Society. This collection contains correspondence and manuscripts related to Wright's Civil War research.

  • Benjamin Draper Manuscript

    ID: M025

    Creator: Draper, Benjamin

    Abstract: The Benjamin Draper Manuscript is titled "A Preliminary Tabulation of Colorado Theatre Structures 1859 - 1900 and An Outline of a Four-Part Comprehensive Study The Colorado Theatre 1859-1900, prepared by Benjamin Draper as a Graduate Study Project, University of California, Berkeley under Professor Garff B. Wilson, Department of Dramatic Arts, 1964.

  • Hattie Horner Louthan Manuscript

    ID: M284

    Abstract: Hattie Horner Louthan was an author and professor at the University of Denver. This collection contains a typewritten manuscript of her work "The Holy Shadow".

  • Mary Coyle Chase Papers

    ID: M125

    Creator: Chase, Mary, 1907-1981

    Abstract: Mary Coyle Chase (1907-1981) wrote plays as well as two novels for children. She became an author in Denver after working as a reporter for the Rocky Mountain News for 14 years. Her most beloved play was Harvey, a fantasy of a convivial tippler and his imaginary six foot white rabbit named Harvey, which won the Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1945. Harvey was a huge success on Broadway and later as a movie starring James Stewart. The printed version is available in nearly every language.

  • Rich Family and Denver Truck Sales Records

    ID: B381

    Creator: Rich, Ruth

    Abstract: Eastern European Jewish immigrant Charles Rich (Shopsie Reich) began as a peddler and eventually started a business of buying and salvaging used automobiles called C. Rich Auto Parts. He helped pioneer the used automotive cars, trucks, and parts business in Denver. He and his wife Rebecca became the parents of 10 children. Their youngest son Ken Rich propelled the Denver Truck Sales to become one of the leading manufacturers and dealers of reconditioned used heavy specialty trucks in over 30 states in the western half of the country.

  • Robert C. Black III Manuscript

    ID: M111

    Abstract: Robert C. Black III was born February 11, 1914 in New York. He received an M.A. from the University of Denver and Ph.D. from Columbia University. He taught at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Trinity College, as well as Temple Buell College in Denver. He married Regina Ann Maleham of Denver. They raised six children. After retiring from teaching the family lived near Tabernash, Colorado. Black is the author of several books on historical topics. He died January 31, 2001 in Denver. Collection includes manuscript of Island in the Rockies: The History of Grand County, Colorado, to 1930.

  • Val J. McClellan Papers

    ID: M167

    Abstract: Val J. McClellan was an economist, business consultant, and author. He was born in Butte, Montana and studied at the University of California-Berkeley and the University of New Hampshire. He served in the US Air Force in England during World War II. This collection contains a manuscript of his book "This is Our Land," about the history of the Ute Indians, the founding of Greeley, Colorado, and the White River Massacre of 1879.