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  • Blanche DaCosta Whitney Collection

    ID: M247

    Abstract: Blanche Da Costa Whitney was born September 24, 1882 in Chicago. She studied with Rudolph Ganz at Chicago Musical College before joining Mme Schumann-Heink, a noted opera signer, to Europe. Da Costa sang leading opera roles in Germany. She was forced to leave Germany by World War I and returned to America. She had a son, Frederick Berman, by her first husband. Her son died in 1945. She married Warren C. Whitney, vice president of A. B. Chase Piano Company in 1918. They moved to Denver in 1927 where she joined the Voice Faculty of the Lamont School of Music. She continued performing as well as opening her own teaching studio. In 1959 she retired and moved into Park Manor where she lived until her death in 1975.

    The collection at the University of Denver Archives includes a biography and two scrapbooks that chronicle the musical life of Blanche Da Costa Whitney.

  • Central City Opera House Association Records

    ID: M123

    Abstract: The Central City Opera Association is a non-profit organization founded in 1931 to manage and preserve the Central City Opera House located in Central City, Colorado and to direct annual summer opera festivals. Heirs of Peter McFarlane, a Central City businessman who owned the Opera House prior to 1931, donated the building to the University of Denver in 1931. The real estate holdings of the University of Denver were transferred back to the Association in 1982. The Association held the Central City Play Festival from 1932-1942 and from 1946-1970. Performances included the premieres of ''The Ballad of Baby Doe''(1956) and ''Lady From Colorado''(1964). The Opera House, Teller House and other Central City properties are part of the organization, and the Central City Opera Festival commissioned five original operas.

    The records located at the University of Denver cover the period from 1931 to 2013. The collection contains the administrative records of the organization together with programs for performances and photographs of productions and artists.

  • Galen and Ada Belle Spencer Papers

    ID: M208

    Creator: Spencer, Ada Belle

    Creator: Spencer, John Galen

    Abstract: The Galen and Ada Belle Spencer Foundation is a civic and social charitable organization in Denver, Colorado. This collection contains personal papers, documents, photographs, clippings, scrapbooks, posters, plaques, and a hand-painted sign reading "Galen and Ada Belle Spencer Foundation".