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  • Alaska Communication System

    ID: M102

    Abstract: Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc.. The Group's principal activities are to provide local telephone, wireless, Internet, interexchange network and other services to its retail consumer and business customers and wholesale customers in the State of Alaska through its telecommunications subsidiaries. The Group operates in four segments: Local telephone, Wireless, Internet and Interexchange. The collection contains articles, maps, and photographs related to the communications system and its implementation, incuding mapping of land lines.

  • Allied Jewish Federation Records

    ID: B103

    Abstract: Established in 1912 as the Central Jewish Council in Colorado, the Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado is a philanthropic organization supporting Jewish life in Colorado, Israel, and around the world. They later merged with the Jewish Community Foundation to form the organization JEWISHcolorado. This collection includes scrapbooks, photographs and papers related to the Allied Jewish Federation.

  • AMC Cancer Research Center Records

    ID: B360

    Creator: AMC Cancer Research Center (Denver, Colo.)

    Abstract: Collection contains board of trustee's minutes, committee minutes, reports, AMC By-laws, name plates, posters, publications, programs, photographs, and scrapbooks related to the AMC Cancer Research Center from 1957 through 2012. The American Medical Center is the successor to JCRS. Additionally, some older material relating to JCRS is also in the collection dating back to 1904.

  • Beck Archives Photograph Collection

    ID: B063

    Abstract: The Beck Archives Photograph Collection contains materials which reflect the rich, varied, and vibrant Jewish experience in the Rocky Mountain region, with a special emphasis on Colorado.

  • Bercu Gross Family Papers

    ID: B356

    Abstract: The material in the collection includes items, photographs, and papers related to Dorothy Bercu Gross and her husband Norman Gross, her extended family, and her Vaudeville career in the 1920s and 1930s. Her father owned the Chicago Hide, Fur and Wool Company in Douglas, Wyoming and Denver, Colorado. The collection spans from the late 1800s to 2015 and illustrates an extended Jewish family and vaudeville performers.

  • Bernice Cooke Laverty Papers

    ID: M378

    Creator: Laverty, Bernice Cooke

    Abstract: Bernice Cooke Laverty was born in Calfornia in 1904. She served as the University of Denver Lamont School of Music's speech teacher for a number of years. This collection contains programs and photographs from various plays and musicals directed by Laverty as well as correspondence, musical scores, songbooks, scripts and teacher's guides.

  • Central City Opera House Association Records

    ID: M123

    Abstract: The Central City Opera Association is a non-profit organization founded in 1931 to manage and preserve the Central City Opera House located in Central City, Colorado and to direct annual summer opera festivals. Heirs of Peter McFarlane, a Central City businessman who owned the Opera House prior to 1931, donated the building to the University of Denver in 1931. The real estate holdings of the University of Denver were transferred back to the Association in 1982. The Association held the Central City Play Festival from 1932-1942 and from 1946-1970. Performances included the premieres of ''The Ballad of Baby Doe''(1956) and ''Lady From Colorado''(1964). The Opera House, Teller House and other Central City properties are part of the organization, and the Central City Opera Festival commissioned five original operas.

    The records located at the University of Denver cover the period from 1931 to 2013. The collection contains the administrative records of the organization together with programs for performances and photographs of productions and artists.

  • Cleo Wallace Papers

    ID: M073

    Creator: Wallace, Cleo Spurlock, 1914-1985

    Abstract: Cleo Spurlock Wallace (1914-1985), a Colorado native, was a teacher who founded the Wallace Village for Children, a school for children with brain injuries. She received her Master's Degree in speech pathology from the University of Denver, Denver, Colo. in 1943. She provided therapy service to children from her home. She started the Wallace School in 1948 with the assistance of businessman Henry Winter. In 1960, the Wallace School was renamed the Wallace Village for Children.

    As the founder and executive director of The Wallace Village for Children until her retirement in 1974, Wallace provided innovative treatment and rehabilitation to children with brain injuries and other disabilities. Wallace recognized the potential in every child. Over the years, she was recognized for her contributions to the field.

  • Dorothy (Dokes) Kobey Berry Papers

    ID: B100

    Creator: Berry, Dokes (Dorothy Kobey), 1905-2009

    Abstract: Dorothy "Dokes" Berry (nee Kobey) was born in Aspen, Colorado in 1905. During Berry's childhood Aspen's primary industry was mining and very few Jewish families lived in the town. Her father and his brothers were businessmen who owned and operated apparel stores in Aspen, including the Kobey Shoe and Clothing Company. After she graduated from Aspen High School, Dorothy Kobey taught at a county school in Cow Creek, Colorado, outside Steamboat Springs. She moved to Denver, Colorado with her siblings in 1924 to attend the University of Denver after receiving a scholarship to the school. In 1927 she married Nathan Berry, a salesman who worked at her uncle's downtown Denver business, the Kobey Shoe Store.

    The papers document Jewish family life in Aspen, Colorado during the early 1900s. The papers contain newspaper and magazine articles, 1 photographic print, family tree charts and a CD-ROM that contains digitized photographs and digitized printed materials, including U.S. census records.

    The Dorothy (Dokes) Kobey Berry Papers document the growth of businesses in Colorado mountain towns and Jewish social life and customs in Aspen, Colorado during the early 1900s. The Kobey families were among the dozen or so Jewish families in the close-knit mining town of Aspen when Dokes Kobey was growing up. This collection documents Jewish family life, with an emphasis on the lives of Jewish women, in Aspen, Colorado in the early 1900s. Dokes Kobey Berry died in Denver on February 24, 2009.

  • E. Spencer Wellhofer Papers

    ID: M366

    Creator: Wellhofer, E. Spencer

    Abstract: This collection contains publication pre-prints and re-prints, and other materials related to the work and tenure of Professor E. Spencer Wellhofer at the University of Denver's Department of Political Science.