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  • Inter-University High Altitude Labs (IUHAL) Records

    ID: U337

    Creator: Mount Evans

    Creator: Inter-University High Altitude Labs

    Abstract: The Inter-University High Altitude Labs (IUHAL) at Mount Evans (1935-1990) and Echo Lake (1948-1990) and were used for the study of cosmic rays. Seven universities including the University of Denver, Cornell, MIT, and Syracuse University collaborated under IUHAL. The labs remained under use by the University of Denver's (DU) Department of Physics and Astronomy until 1990, when they transferred to use under the Biology and Natural Sciences Departments at DU. The collection includes correspondence, photographs, reports, billing notices, and published papers and articles.

  • Mario Iona Papers

    ID: M393

    Creator: Iona, Mario

    Abstract: Mario Iona (1917-2004) graduated from the University of Vienna with a Ph.D in Physics in 1939. He was a Physics professor at the Universtiy of Denver Department of Physics and Astronomy (1946-1986). From 1942-1985, he was also the manager of the Inter-University High Altitude Labratories located at Mount Evans and Echo Lake, Colorado. The collection consists of his personal publications, reports from his time as a faculty member, and his curriculum vitae.

  • Wolfgang Yourgrau Papers

    ID: M041

    Creator: Yourgrau, Wolfgang

    Abstract: Wolfgang H. J. Yourgrau (1908-1979) served as Professor of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Denver, Denver, Colorado. He was associated with the University from 1963-1978. He also served as Chair of the Philosophy Department and was a member of the History Department. He earned his Ph.D. in physics from Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany in 1932. During World War II, Yourgrau edited an anti-fascist German-language weekly, The Orient. He was editor of Foundations of Physics, an international periodical he founded with Henry Margenau, Yale physicist and spectroscopy expert. His papers include correspondence, journal articles, journals, speeches, newspaper clippings, press releases, classroom notes, lectures, manuscripts of articles, transcripts of radio broadcasts, photographs, framed paintings, inventory of personal library on slides, reel-to-reel tapes, and academic regalia.