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  • Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA) Records

    ID: U340

    Abstract: The Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA) at the University of Denver (DU) was founded on 18 February 2011. It is a student organization by, for, and about graduate and professional students at DU who identiffy as Black and/or African American. The collection consists of photographs, posters, and other papers created and/or collected by the organization.

  • Native Student Alliance (NSA) Records

    ID: U341

    Abstract: The University of Denver Native Student Alliance (DU NSA) is a student organization that promotes education about Native culture and values, and aims to collaborate with other groups on campus to promote Inclusive Excellence. NSA works closely with the Center for Multicultural Excellence in raising attention to events and discussions that include the Native community and highlight the values and pride of Native American culture. DU NSA also aims to provide a welcoming atmosphere to Native students on campus, while also serving as a resource for students who may not entirely understand Native values and traditions and would like to learn more about them. In collaboration with outside Native communities in Denver, NSA works towards creating a positive life for future generations and Mother Earth and aims to raise awareness about Native American cultures and values within the University of Denver community as well as the greater Native American community. The collection consists of materials created, collected, and or donated by the Native Student Alliance.

  • Student Protests Collection

    ID: U219

    Creator: University of Denver

    Abstract: The Student Protests Collection is a collection of materials related to student protests, whether against the University, as in the case of a tuition protest, or American policies, as in the case of Woodstock West and anti-draft demonstrations. The collection includes newspaper clippings as well as University documents and other published material.