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  • American Studies Program Records

    ID: U001

    Creator: University of Denver. American Studies Program

    Abstract: The American Studies Program began in conjunction with the Honors Program at the University of Denver in 1967. The purpose of this undergraduate program was to challenge students and faculty to think, write and discuss the issues that have shaped the thought, culture, social movements and character of the United States. Due to financial difficulties at the University of Denver, the American Studies Program was converted to the Women's Studies Program in 1984. The collection contains the departmental records for the American Studies Program from 1965-1983.

  • Ammi Bradford Hyde Papers

    ID: M157

    Creator: Hyde, Ammi Bradford, 1826-1921

    Abstract: Born in Oxford, New York, Ammi Bradford Hyde studied at Wesleyan University (Conn.). He was an ordained Methodist minister and a member of various learned societies. He taught classical languages at Allegheny College and, from 1880 to 1911, at the University of Denver. He served as acting chancellor from 1889-90 and was the first pastor of University Park United Methodist Church in Denver.

  • Anfenger Family Diaries and Material Culture

    ID: B106

    Abstract: Louis Anfenger was typical of the young Jewish men who migrated to the Colorado Territory in the state's formative years. Born in Bavaria, Anfenger came to the United States in the 1850s and moved to Denver in 1870 to seek his fortune. He became a highly successful businessman in the area of real estate as well as a member of the Denver Chamber of Commerce and was later elected to the state legislature in the 1880s. He was a founder of Congregation Emanuel, Denver B'nai B'rith, and National Jewish Hospital. He married Louise Schlesinger Anfenger, and the couple became the parents of eight children, who later also became leaders in the Denver community. His eldest son Milton became a lawyer and a Colorado State Senator in 1904, and his daughter Flora married prominent Denver attorney Philip Hornbein.

    The collection includes Louis Anfenger's diary and clothing, needlework, household accessories, furniture, and memorabilia belonging to various members of the extended Anfenger family.

  • Ann Richardson Papers

    ID: M395

    Abstract: Andrea (Ann) G. Richardson is an alumnus of the University of Denver (DU), class of 1956. Ann spent many years after graduating working in the Alumni Association making and planning events for new students and old. Ann is still very involved in DU events and performances.

  • Anna Ginsberg Hayutin Textiles and Other Material

    ID: B107

    Creator: Hayutin, Anna Ginsberg, 1893-1973

    Abstract: Anna Ginsberg was born in 1893 to East European Jewish immigrants who had settled in New York City. She completed high school in New York and moved to Denver, Colo., in 1910. In 1912 she married Morris Hayutin, and they had three children: Peryle, Irving, and Arthur. The collection contains household and personal items from the early to mid-20th century that belonged to Anna Hayutin. Most of the textiles in the collection were created by Anna Hayutin herself and include a large number of table linens, bed linens, and doilies. The collection also features women's personal accessories and her high school graduation autograph album.

  • Anna Grace Wirt Postcard Collection

    ID: M038

    Abstract: Anna Grace Wirt was a French and German Languages professor at the University of Denver from 1896 until about 1932. She travelled extensively and studied at several European universities. Her collection of post cards contains postcards from Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Japan. Several of the postcards were sent to Ms. Wirt and contain messages for her.

  • Anna Mantz Papers

    ID: M164

    Abstract: This collection contains photos, correspondence, and school memorabilia related to various individuals. Most items are dated to the 1910s.

  • Anne McKeen Shuler Papers

    ID: M080

    Creator: Shuler, Anne McKeen, 1872-1928

    Abstract: Anne McKeen Shuler was Dean of Women at the University of Denver, Denver, Colorado from 1911-1928. The collection includes correspondence, memorabilia, notes, newspaper clippings, invitations, event programs and speeches.

  • Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, Mountain States Regional Office Records

    ID: B090

    Abstract: The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, Mountain States Regional Office began in 1913 as a volunteer committee led by Simon Heller. The purpose of the organization was to fight prejudice and intolerance and to preserve the Jewish democratic heritage. The formal organization was established in 1941 as the tri-state office with Harold Saks as the first director. The Mountain States Regional Office in Denver worked toward the elimination of discrimination in employment, housing, accommodations and education.

    The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Mountain States Regional Office records contain material relating to Soviet Jewry, anti-semitism and community relations with ethnic groups. The materials include correspondence, press releases, photographs, bulletins, newsletters, newspaper clippings, logs of complaints and incidents, telegrams, festival programs, conference programs, audio cassette tapes, and 16 mm. films.

  • Anton Kremer Scrapbook

    ID: M049

    Abstract: The Anton Kremer Scrapbook is a collection of post cards. Many of the postcards are simply for display, and include images from Scotland, Ireland, England, and Rome. Some of the postcards depict art work, others the crowned heads of Europe. Finally, there are postcards that were sent to Anton Kremer in Denver, Colorado. These appear to be of family groups and European scenes. Some of the postcards are in German.