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  • Appel Family and Orange Glo International Records

    ID: B108

    Creator: Orange Glo International, Inc.

    Abstract: Elaine and Max Appel began their first commercial enterprise as a "mom and pop" business called Hoky Carpet Sweeper Company in 1977. They promoted their product locally at state fairs and local department stores. In 1986, Max developed an environmentally safe cleaning product in his garage that incorporated Valencia oranges, and the initial company was named Appel Mountain, Inc. Orange Glo Wood Cleaner and Polish, which they demonstrated to the general public at the Arizona State Fair, became very popular and they added several othe diverse cleaning products over the next decade. In 1992, they formally incorporated the Orange Glo Cleaning Products company, which grew into an international multi million dollar business. It was located at 8765 E. Orchard Road in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

    Elaine and Max's son Joel joined the company in 1992, and his marketing expertise helped grow the business. In 2000, daughter Linda and eldest son David joined the family business as the company continued to expand. In 2002, the company's sales were estimated at $330 million. By 2002, it featured over 25 products, including Oxi-Clean Stain Remover, Orange Clean, and Orange Glo Wood Cleaner & Polish. Elaine and Max sold their company to Church and Dwight Company, Inc. in 2006.

    The Orange Glo records include copies of financial records, ads, and "The Grove," a publication for company employees, 2002-2005.

  • Archie Loyd Threlkeld Papers

    ID: M012

    Creator: Threlkeld, Archie Loyd, 1889-1967

    Abstract: Archie Loyd Threlkeld (1889-1967) was Assistant and Deputy Superintendent of the Denver Public Schools from 1921 to 1927 under Jesse H. Newlon. He was Superintendent of the Denver Public Schools for ten years, from 1927 to 1937. While Deputy Superintendent, A. L. Threlkeld directed the curriculum revision program that became internationally known. During the Great Depression, Threlkeld continued the school building program and successfully resisted cutting teachers' salaries.

  • Arlyn Custer Rosander Papers

    ID: M199

    Abstract: Arlyn Custer Rosander was a quality control expert and published author. This collection contains personal papers, photographs, publications, correspondence, awards, and plaques from Rosander's collection.

  • Arnold Family Papers

    ID: M069

    Creator: Arnold, Margaret Shippen, 1760-1804

    Abstract: Margaret (Peggy) Shippen Arnold (1760-1804) was the second wife of Benedict Arnold, with whom he had five children. Though her involvement in her husband's treason against the United States and association with the British is not clear, she did move the family with him to England and then to Canada and finally back to England where they lived in exile. Benedict Arnold died in 1801 and Margaret provided for her family, managing business affairs for her children and also his children from a previous marriage. The Arnold Family papers contain correspondence between members of the Benedict Arnold Family; receipts, legal papers, as well as correspondence relating to their business affairs and land ownership in Canada; also includes biographical notes and journal articles about Margaret Shippen Arnold; passport; samples of Benedict Arnold's hair.

  • Arnold Miller Papers

    ID: M312

    Abstract: Collection includes correspondence and publications.

  • Art Book Ephemera

    ID: M290

    Abstract: This collection contains ephemera, biographical materials, newsletters, and some correspondence relating to Artists' books in the DU Artists' Book collection and the creation of artists' books.

  • Art Conservation Center at the University of Denver Records

    ID: U139

    Creator: Art Conservation Center at the University of Denver

    Abstract: The Art Conservation Center at the University of Denver began its existence in 1977 as the Rocky Mountain Regional Conservation Center with the mission of analyzing and treating works of art and culturally valuable objects. It was a unit of the University of Denver, and treated paintings, objects and textiles. In 2000 the name was changed to The Art Conservation Center at the University of Denver. The administrative records, as well as the detailed records of treatments completed, were transferred to the University Archives when the Center closed in 2001.

  • Arthur A. Wright Papers

    ID: M228

    Abstract: Arthur A. Wright was a teacher and historian of the American West. His book "The Civil War in the Southwest" was published in 1964. He was a frequent contributor to the Colorado Magazine, published by the Colorado Historical Society. This collection contains correspondence and manuscripts related to Wright's Civil War research.

  • Arthur L. Esserman, M.D. Medical Equipment and Papers

    ID: B109

    Creator: Esserman, Arthur, 1898-1952

    Abstract: Dr. Arthur Esserman was born in 1898 and died in Denver, Colorado on June 18, 1952. He was an intern at Children's Hospital in Denver from 1924 to 1926 and practiced pediatric medicine in Denver from 1926 to 1952. He was also on the staff at Children's Hospital. The collection illustrates the medical practice of a prominent pediatrician in Denver.

  • Arts and Sciences Program Records

    ID: U007

    Abstract: Collection contains papers, correspondence, reports, lists, dissertations, reports, publications, memorandums, notes, polices, photographs, meeting minutes, memos, grant proposals, vouchers, invoices, receipts, budgets, administrative records related to the Art and Sciences Department at the University of Denver from 1944 through 1983.