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National Jewish Hospital for Consumptives (U.S.)



Found information from National Jewish Medical and Research Center, Nov. 15, 2001 (name changed 1997 to National Jewish Medical and Research Center; History of name changes: National Jewish Hospital (1899-1924--National Jewish Hospital for Consumptives; 1925-1964--National Jewish Hospital at Denver; 1965-1977--National Jewish Hospital and Research Center; after National Asthma Center merged with National Jewish, 1978-1985--National Jewish Hospital/National Asthma Center; 1986-1996--National Jewish Center for Immunology and Respiratory Medicine; 1997-2008 -- National Jewish Medical and Research Center; July 2008- National Jewish Health).

Found in 5 Collections and/or Records:

Abe Kushneroff's Application for Admittance to JCRS, 1908 November 30

Identifier: B002.01.0100.0107.00001
Overview Application for admittance to JCRS filled out by hand in ink for Abe Kushneroff. Information on the form includes his age, birth place, citizenship, occupation, current residence [Denver, CO] former residence [Memphis, TN], medical information [treated at National Jewish Hospital for Consumptives], marital status, and nearest relatives or friends "Max Kushneroff (father) ...Julius "[Kushneroff] (brother)" [sic]. The back of the form has section entitled "Report of Medical Examiner," which...
Dates: 1908 November 30

Letter to A. Kushneroff from Dr. Spivak, 1908 November 28

Identifier: B002.01.0100.0107.00027
Overview Typed letter to A. Kushneroff "c/o Nat'l. Jewish Hospital for Consumptives" from Dr. Spivak on letterhead that states, "The Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society...OFFICE, 1421 COURT PLACE DENVER, COLO" dated "Nov. 28, 1908" [sic]. The letter states, by "request of Dr. M. Samfield...of the Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society of Memphis Tenn," I ask you to fill out the "herewith enclose[d]" application, and "ask permission of Dr. Collins" to come see me [Dr. Spivak] in my office for an examination...
Dates: 1908 November 28

Letter to Dr. Spivak from M. Samfield, 1908 November 26

Identifier: B002.01.0100.0107.00026
Overview Handwritten letter to "Dr. C.D. Spivak...Jewish Consumptives['] Relief Society Denver, Col" from M. Samfield on typed letterhead that states, "United Hebrew Relief Association OF MEMPHIS, TENN" dated "Nov 26/ 1908" [sic]. The letter introduces the case of A. Kushneroff to Dr. Spivak. M. Samfield notes that Kushneroff was sent to the "National Jewish Hospital for Consumptives (Denver)" six months ago, and that Kushneroff was displeased because of the hospitals' lack of Kosher food. So the...
Dates: 1908 November 26

Letter to M. Collins from Dr. Spivak, 1909 January 09

Identifier: B002.01.0100.0107.00021
Overview Typed letter to "Dr. M. Collins, Supt., National [Jewish] Hospital for Consumptives, cor Jackson & Colfax Ave., City" from Dr. Spivak dated "Jan. 9. 1909" [sic]. Dr. Spivak happily informs M. Collins that "a vacant bed" has been prepared for A. "Kushneroff of Memphis," and that he may now enter the Edgewater JCRS Sanatorium "between the hours of 9 and 4 P. M. any day of the week except Saturday and Sunday" [sic]. The letter is not signed but Secretary is typed at the bottom.
Dates: 1909 January 09

Letter to Mr. Kushneroff from Dr. Spivak, 1908 November 28

Identifier: B002.01.0100.0107.00024
Overview Typed letter to "Mr. [Abe] Kushneroff, c/o Nat'l. Jewish Hospital for Consumptives" in Denver, CO from Dr. Spivak dated "Nov. 28, 1908" [sic]. The letter states, "[a]t the request of Dr. M. Samfield...of the" JCRS "of Memphis Tenn.," I have enclosed a black application for the JCRS Sanatorium [sic]. Dr. Spivak instructs A. Kushneroff to "ask permission of Dr. Collins" to come meet in his office for an examination and help in filling out the JCRS application [sic]. The letter is not signed but...
Dates: 1908 November 28