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University of Denver



The first reference to Colorado Seminary was in The Rocky Mountain News of November 27, 1862: “ a board of Trustees, composed of the solid men of Denver, has been organized to superintend the erection of a seminary building… for an academic education.”
Sources Breck, "From the Rockies to the World"
University of Denver votes to adopt quarter system in 1929.
Sources "University Adopts New Quarter Plan; Vote Unanimous," The Denver Clarion, vol. 34, no. 19, November 26, 1929, 1.
First year Hillel organization features full programming at DU


Jan. 30, 1974, letter to faculty, U172._.0003, Hillel folder

Found in 222 Collections and/or Records:

Flier Listing Strike Demands, 1970

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0018.00004
Overview Flier listing students' strike demands, as well as listing meeting times and locations for strike-related meetings.
Dates: 1970

Flier on May Day Rationale and Events, 1970 May

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0012.00007
Overview Flier on May Day rationale and events reading: ''What is May Day all About?''.
Dates: 1970 May

Flier on Student Strike, 1970 May 12

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0014.00006
Overview Flier on student strike reading: ''Please Respect the Strike called by the Student Senate Tuesday. We ask you not to attend classes...''.
Dates: 1970 May 12

Flier on Students at Kent State, 1970 May

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0010.00004
Overview Flier on Kent State from the Institute for the Study of Nonviolence.
Dates: 1970 May

Flier on the Four Students Killed at Kent State, 1970

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0022.00005
Overview Flier on the four students killed at Kent State. It says they were killed by fear, then adds a religious motif.
Dates: 1970

Flier on the Strike, 1970 May

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0012.00008
Overview Flier explaining those not supporting the strike are supporting the war.
Dates: 1970 May

Flier Promoting Construction of Woodstock West, 1970

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0018.00005
Overview Flier that Woodstock will rise at 6 pm. Calls for people to bring nails, hammers and wood to Iliff School.
Dates: 1970

Flier Reading: ''In Memoriam: Woodstock West'', 1970

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0020.00005
Overview Flier reading: ''In Memoriam: Woodstock West. Announcement of Funeral Services on May 18, 1970''.
Dates: 1970

Flier with Message for Students, 1970

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0018.00003
Overview Flier about the idea that not all the students agree that the university should shut down, but others want their education uninterrupted. It prompts: ''If you are Dedicated to Learning... Read This is its Entirety''.
Dates: 1970