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University of Denver. Department of Anthropology


Found in 330 Collections and/or Records:

Articles by Renaud: ''The age of skulls,'' E. B. Renaud., 1939 March

Identifier: M015.04.0002.0005
Abstract In Southwestern Lore , v.4, no.4, March 1939.
Dates: 1939 March

Articles by Renaud: ''The Indians of Colorado'', E. B. Renaud., 1928

Identifier: M015.04.0001.0058
Abstract Reprint from Colorado: short studies of its past and present , 1928.
Dates: 1928

Articles by Renaud: ''The Negroid element among perhistoric Indians,'' E. B. Renaud., 1953 September

Identifier: M015.04.0002.0031
Abstract In Southwestern Lore , v.19, no.2, Sept. 1953.
Dates: 1953 September

Articles by Renaud: ''The nose of the Pueblo Indians,'' E. B. Renaud., 1944 September

Identifier: M015.04.0002.0015
Abstract In Southwestern Lore , v.10, no.2, Sept. 1944.
Dates: 1944 September

Articles by Renaud: ''The pebble industry,'' by E. B. Renaud., 1955

Identifier: M015.04.0002.0033
Abstract In The Masterkey , v.29, no.5, Sept.-Oct. 1955.
Dates: 1955

Articles by Renaud: ''The peopling of America,'' E. B. Renaud., 1951 September

Identifier: M015.04.0002.0029
Abstract In Southwestern Lore , v.17, no.2, Sept. 1951.
Dates: 1951 September

Articles by Renaud: ''The Rio Grande points,'' E. B. Renaud., 1942 December

Identifier: M015.04.0002.0009
Abstract In Southwestern Lore , v.8, no.3, Dec. 1942.
Dates: 1942 December

Articles by Renaud: ''The scientific value of stone artifacts,'' by E. B. Renaud., 1950 September

Identifier: M015.04.0002.0027
Abstract In Southwestern Lore , v.16, no.2, Sept. 1950.
Dates: 1950 September