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University of Denver. Department of Intercollegiate Athletics


In 1961, Intercollegiate Soccer is introduced at DU. In 1969, Intercollegiate Women’s Basketball is introduced. In 1971, Intercollegiate Track and Field is disbanded. In 1974, Intercollegiate Swimming and Women's Field Hocky are introduced. Also in 1974, Women's Gymnastics begins at DU led by Coach Kathy Stacey.

1983 was a year full of activity for Intercollegiate Athletics: Intercollegiate Women's Volleyball begins; Women's Gymnastics become Division I; Football is reinstated as a club sport after 23 years; and Lacrosse becomes a varsity sport.

In 1988, football is once again dissolved and in 1990, Golf becomes a varsity sport.


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Harold Beier Collection of Hockey Memorabilia

Identifier: M108
Scope and Contents Hockey programs and memorabilia of non-DU hockey teams, mostly collegiate
Dates: Other: 1970-2002