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University of Montana


Founded in 1893.

Found in 80 Collections and/or Records:

Mike Mansfield - Campaign speech at Livingston, Montana, 1952 October 13

Identifier: UMT_mansfield-codu_103173
Overview Campaign speech at Livingston, Montana. Recorded October 13, 1952. Representative Mansfield discusses the economic development of Montana, including Hungry Horse, Libby and Canyon Ferry dams and rural electrification as well as his own record after ten years in Congress.
Dates: 1952 October 13

Mike Mansfield - Campaign speech: Senate record and views, 1970 October 15

Identifier: UMT_mansfield-codu_103177
Overview Mr. Mansfield talks of his love for and the beauty of Montana. He discusses his Senatorial record on interstate commerce, conservation and pollution and give his own views on the need for more unity in domestic politics and changes in foreign policy.
Dates: 1970 October 15

Mike Mansfield - Final report of Senator Mansfield: Ten years in office, 1964 October 21

Identifier: UMT_mansfield-codu_103176
Overview Mr. Mansfield reviews his efforts for the Democrats and Montana, his activities in Washington, D.C. and his love of Montana.
Dates: 1964 October 21

Mike Mansfield - Keynote address at 1956 Montana State Democratic Convention, 1956 June 27

Identifier: UMT_mansfield-codu_103174
Overview Senator Mansfield covers the successes and failures of the 1952 campaign promises of both parties. He also covers the successes and failures of Murray, Metcalf, and Mansfield in the 84th Congress and the necessity of the Democrats to get more people in Congress and the White House.
Dates: 1956 June 27

Mike Mansfield - Report to the people of Montana on the accomplishments of the 87th Congress, 1961 September 29

Identifier: UMT_mansfield-codu_103175
Overview Senators Mansfield and Metcalf report on legislation affecting Montana before the 1st session of the 87th Congress. Included are Indian development programs, water pollution control, Missouri River survey, an agricultural research station for northeastern Montana and Libby Dam.
Dates: 1961 September 29

Montana vs. Denver, October 8, 1954, University of Denver Stadium, 1954 October 8

Identifier: U300.03.0084.00015
Overview Program for the University of Denver (DU) football game against the University of Montana on October 8, 1954 at the University of Denver Stadium in Denver, Colorado. Program includes: team rosters, statistics, schedules, cheers, song lyrics, team and individual player portraits.
Dates: 1954 October 8

Oral History Interview with Albert W. "Al" Cramer, 1984 July 22

Identifier: UMToh133-023
Overview Albert Cramer discusses his 30-year career, which began in 1943, as a smokejumper and program administrator in Missoula, Montana, and Alaska. He talks about the training and equipment, as well as the changes to both. He describes specific jumps and fires, including the 1949 Mann Gulch Fire and the 1949 jump onto the White House lawn. Cramer contrasts working with the U.S. Forest Service as a smokejumper in Montana with working with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) as a smokejumper in...
Dates: 1984 July 22

Oral History Interview with Ashley O. Court, 1984 June 6

Identifier: UMToh133-022
Overview Ashley Court discusses his long career as a smokejumper from 1963 to 1982, working out of the North Cascades Smokejumping Base in Winthrop, Washington, as well as the satellite base in La Grande, Oregon, eastern states, and Alaska. He talks about the fires in Washington and Oregon during his tenure, the changes in equipment, and his experiences jumping with Canadians and Russians.
Dates: 1984 June 6

Oral History Interview with Aubrey Garber, 1984 July 21

Identifier: UMToh133-039
Overview Aubrey Garber describes his serving as a smokejumper during World War Two because of his conscientious objector status. He talks about the training and the Japanese fire bomb threat. Garber also recalls designing the smokejumpers emblem, working a lookout after breaking his hand, and surveying in Oregon. He shares his experiences working in the backcountry.
Dates: 1984 July 21

Oral History Interview with Bill Moody #1, 1984 June 6

Identifier: UMToh133-073
Overview Bill Moody talks about being involved in the smokejumper program from 1957 until the date of the interview in 1984. He describes his roles at two different smokejumping bases, both as a smokejumper and as an administrator. Moody talks about working as a smokejumper, trainer, and squad leader at La Grande, Oregon, from 1957 to 1965, before transferring to the North Cascades Smokejumper Base in Winthrop, Washington, where he became base manager in 1972. He also discusses his experiences...
Dates: 1984 June 6