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University of Denver. Board of Trustees


Found in 86 Collections and/or Records:

The Denver Clarion, vol. 32, issue 44, 1956 April 17

Identifier: clarion_v032i44_19560417
Abstract DU Skiers All-American – Pytte, Arstal, Cress, Named to First Team. Will Kyselka Speaks at DU on April 17, 1956. Board Rules on Discrimination. Powell Rider Argued Here.
Dates: 1956 April 17

The Denver Clarion, vol. 32, issue 55, 1956 May 25

Identifier: clarion_v032i55_19560525
Abstract Corporate Support – Trustees Solicit Business for Financial Aid to DU. Frats Get Equal Rushing Rights. Carolyn Reese Named Miss DU for Pageant. Fraternity Men Attend Annual IFC Banquet. Student Union Board Holds Final Meeting.
Dates: 1956 May 25

The Denver Clarion, vol. 32, issue 57, 1956 June 1

Identifier: clarion_v032i57_19560601
Abstract Yearbook Distribution Launched by Capers. Chancellor Will Give Degrees Friday, June 8, 1956. Dr. Robert Mead to Head New Student Aid Program. Deadline for Trustee Grants Set by Board.
Dates: 1956 June 1

The Denver Clarion, vol. 68, issue 5, 1963 October 4

Identifier: clarion_v068i05_19631004
Abstract Hootenanny Time Tonight. Trustees Feted at Friday Dinner. Text Book Shortage Dilemma Discussed; “It’s Nobody’s Fault,” Store Director Says. James Farmer to Speak Today.
Dates: 1963 October 4

The Denver Clarion, vol. 68, issue 9, 1963 October 18

Identifier: clarion_v068i09_19631018
Abstract Tuition Hiked $300 Increase Effective Summer Session 1964 - Chancellor Explains Raise During Meeting of Student Representatives and Administrators. Honorary Tops Seven; Magazine Gets Award. Election Rally. John Evans, Jr. Announces the Election of Three Members to the Board of Trustees.
Dates: 1963 October 18

The Denver Clarion, vol. 69, issue 15, 1964 November 6

Identifier: clarion_v069i15_19641106
Abstract Trustees Meet – New Union – “Yes” or “No” by January. Phi Beta Kappa. Faculty Backs Clarion Campaign for the Language Requirement. Kappa Sigma Gets Social Pro Thur Winter Quarter by IFC.
Dates: 1964 November 6

The Denver Clarion, vol. 69, issue 21, 1965 January 8

Identifier: clarion_v069i21_19650108
Abstract Trustees Approve New Union – Money for Architect Allocated; Building Should Start This Dec. Peace Corps – Recruiting Drive Starts Sun. Kynewisbok Now Being Readied for Distribution This February. With DU’s Help, the Trianon Drive has Reached its Goal. Senators Evaluate Fall Qtr. Projects at First Session.
Dates: 1965 January 8

The Denver Clarion, vol. 70, issue 10, 1965 October 26

Identifier: clarion_v070i10_19651026
Abstract Trustees’ Action – Board Okays Air Research. Pre-Registration Scheduled Announced by Registrar. Frosh Candidates Set for Elections. Engineering Magazine Wins 3 Competitions. “Brain Train” Will Carry Execs to Hear Current Events Talks. Laser Engineer. Urban League Winner.
Dates: 1965 October 26

The Denver Clarion, vol. 70, issue 21, 1966 January 7

Identifier: clarion_v070i21_19660107
Abstract Groundbreaking ceremonies for GSIS. Lacrosse Club Asks for Funds. Thirty-four Named to Who’s Who. Trustees Enact Tuition Hike. For DU Center – Federal Funds Pending. Free Tickets.
Dates: 1966 January 7

The Denver Clarion, vol. 71, issue 23, 1967 January 10

Identifier: clarion_v071i23_19670110
Abstract Students Organize SDS Affiliate; Activist Role Planned for Future. Protests Organized – Student Leaders Ask Johnson to Explain Viet War. Pace Signs Protest Letter to Johnson Over Viet Policy. Panel Discussions Highlighted – Varied Activities Planned for Women’s Days. Trustees to Hear Progress Report from Chancellor Selection Group. Reporter Wanted.
Dates: 1967 January 10