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Beth Jacob Synagogue (Lakewood, Colo.)



Its inscriptions: Cornerstone (Erected by Isaac Solomon in memory of his son Jacob, 5671. 1911. Built anew and rededicated December 5686. 1925.)

Recent RMCAD sign (JCRS Isaac Solomon Historic Synagogue)

Short walking tour, 2008: #3 (JCRS Isaac Solomon Historic Synagogue; the original synagogue was located on the west side of the New York Building. It can be seen in the 1916 photograph ... and burned down several years after that ... rebuilt in 1925)

Campus visit, 2009 November 17 (Rebuilt structure located southwest of the I. Rude Medical Building)

Found in 12 Collections and/or Records:

Ten Commandments Plaque, 20th century

Identifier: B002.16.0309.00002

Ten Commandments plaque that hung over the Ark in the Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society's Isaac Solomon Synagogue. This synagogue was originally known as the Beth Jacob Synagogue. Metal with wood support with 51 centimeters knotted yellow rope loop for hanging.

Dates: 20th century

Torah Scroll with Mantle and Megilot in Scroll Tubes, 20th century

Identifier: B002.16.0308.00001
Abstract A blue velvet mantle (cover) over the Megillas Esther (Scroll of Esther). The mantle is trimmed with gold fringe, sequins, and gold ribbon. There is a white and gold design on the front. The design consists of a crown, lion, and the Ten Commandments in Hebrew. The mantle was used in the Isaac Solomon Synagogue on the Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society campus. The synagogue was originally known as the Beth Jacob Synagogue. The Scroll of Esther is read on the Jewish holiday of Purim (Lots)....
Dates: 20th century