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Central City Opera House (Central City, Colo.)



__ __ __Work cat.: The glory that was gold, 1992: t.p. (Central City Opera House) p. vii (built in 1878 in Central City, Colo.)
Central City Opera House is given to the University of Denver by the McFarlane family in 1932 (Ida Kruse McFarlane, Professor of English at DU, good friends with Anne Evans). The CCOHA was administered as a non-profit corporation during this time.
Sources Breck, From the Rockies to the World, 1997, 126.

Found in 22 Collections and/or Records:

Box 91: Audit Reports, 1947-1959

 File — Box: M123.0091
Identifier: M123.01.0091
Abstract This box contains (23) bound reports, most yearly: copies of the reports of the audit on the Central City Operal House Assoc. and reports on examination of financial statements
Dates: 1947-1959

Box 92: Financial Statements, 1960-1969

 File — Box: M123.0092
Identifier: M123.01.0092
Abstract This box contains (16) bound reports: Financial Statements and supplementary information (yearly) 1960-1969.
Dates: 1960-1969

Box 116: Address Lists, 1931-1952

 File — Box: M123.0116
Identifier: M123.01.0116
Abstract Papers, reports, correspondence, cloth swatches, photos, and folders in labeled folders - main topics are 'Forms' and 'Mailing List' and also include 'Maps' and 'Musicians' - folders are of address lists
Dates: 1931-1952

Box 118: Property Files, 1938-1966

 File — Box: M123.0118
Identifier: M123.01.0118
Abstract Papers, reports, correspondence, publications, and catalogs in labeled folders - majority marked as 'Properties', with 'Teller House' and 'Museum' the most popular sub-topics
Dates: 1938-1966

Box 120: Files, A-B, 1937-1949

 File — Box: M123.0120
Identifier: M123.01.0120
Abstract Papers, legal and document size, reports, one address book, and telegrams in labeled folders - topics include 'Annual Meetings', 'Applications', and people whose last names begin in 'A' or 'B'
Dates: 1937-1949

Box 125: Applications, Box Office, Committees, 1950

 File — Box: M123.0125
Identifier: M123.01.0125
Abstract Papers, telegrams, bank statements, a photo, and reports in labeled folders - topics are varied but include 'Applications', 'Box Office', and 'Committees' of different types
Dates: 1950

Box 126: Files, Publicity-S, 1950

 File — Box: M123.0126
Identifier: M123.01.0126
Abstract Papers, publications, photos, and reports in labeled folders covering a wide variety of topics, but mostly concerning 'Publicity' and people whose last names begin in 'S'
Dates: 1950

Box 128: Files, Conventions and Exhibition Days, 1951

 File — Box: M123.0128
Identifier: M123.01.0128
Abstract Papers, publications, reports, and telegrams in labeled folders - topics vary, including 'Square Dance Day', 'Conventions', and 'Music Day'
Dates: 1951

Box 129: Files, AGMA-Kozma, 1952

 File — Box: M123.0129
Identifier: M123.01.0129
Abstract Papers, reports, publications, and notebooks in labeled, roughly alphabetical folders, with topics ranging from 'AGMA - 1952' to 'Kozma, Tibor - 1952'
Dates: 1952

Box 130: Files, Mobile Opera Guild-Window Display, 1952

 File — Box: M123.0130
Identifier: M123.01.0130
Abstract Papers, telegrams, a photo, and reports in labeled, roughly alphabetical folders, with topics ranging from 'Mobile Opera Guild' to 'Window Displays'
Dates: 1952