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Central City Opera House Association (Central City, Colo.)


Found in 1635 Collections and/or Records:

'Autumn Leaves', 1947-1950

Identifier: M123.05.0169.0004.00004

Vocal and piano score for the piece 'Autumn Leaves' based on 'Les Feuilles Mortes' by composer Joseph Kosma, french lyrics by Jacques Prevert and english lyrics by Johnny Mercer published by Capitol Publications, Inc.

Dates: 1947-1950

'Baby Doe' Tabor

Identifier: M123.03.0195.0022.00013

Black and white photograph of 'Baby Doe' Tabor, from a photograph by Wells and King (Denver).

Dates: 1976-2013

Baby Doe Tabor, 1884 and 1934, 1884-1934

Identifier: M123.03.0195.0022.00003

Black and white photographic reproduction of Mrs. Elizabeth 'Baby Doe' Tabor (insert) wearing white hat in 1884 and stepping out of the cabin at the Matchless Mine in Leadville, Colo. in 1934.

Dates: 1884-1934

Baby Doe Tabor at Matchless Mine

Identifier: M123.03.0195.0022.00006

Black and white photographic image of Ms. Elizabeth 'Baby Doe' Tabor walking out of the cabin at the Matchless Mine located in Leadville, Colorado.

Dates: 1976-2013

'Baby Doe' Tabor with Floral Neck Piece

Identifier: M123.03.0195.0022.00014

Black and white photograph of 'Baby Doe' Tabor, wearing floral neckpiece, and floral hat while looking off camera.

Dates: 1976-2013

Baby Doe Tabor with Mr. Derk Wilmouth

Identifier: M123.03.0195.0022.00004

Black and white photographic image of Ms. Elizabeth 'Baby Doe' Tabor (l) and Mr. Derk Wilmouth standing in an unknown location.

Dates: 1976-2013

Baer, Jamie, 2000

Identifier: M123.03.0187.0035

Folder contains biographical material and photographic prints of CCOH soprano Jamie Baer who performed as Sister Constance in the 2000 festival production of 'Dialogues of the Carmelites,' at the CCOH located in Central City, Colorado.

Dates: 2000

Baker, Bob R., 1973

Identifier: M123.03.0187.0036

Folder contains one black and white photograph of CCOH affiliates (from l to r) Bob R. Baker, jack H. Reed, John Fleming Kelly, Myron D Neusteter involved in an event for fundraising during the 1973 festiavl season in an unknown location.

Dates: 1973

Baldwin, Jason, 2002

Identifier: M123.03.0187.0037

Folder contains biographical material on CCOH tenor, Jason Baldwin. Mr. Baldwin performed with the CCOHA during the 2002 festival season in an unknown production.

Dates: 2002

Balk, H. Wesley, 1979

Identifier: M123.03.0187.0038

Folder contains biographical information and black and white publicity photographs of CCOHA director H. Wesley Balk. Mr. Balk worked with the CCOH during the 1979 season on the productions 'Composers at Central,' "Barber os Seville,' and the Apprentice Artists series 'Opera Memos.'

Dates: 1979

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