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University of Denver. School of Engineering



School of Engineering is established in 1919 but later discontinued in 1973. In 1975, Office of Engineering referral services is established. The College of Engineering was is reinstated under the Physics Department in 1983, after taking a 10 year hiatus.

University of Denver Bulletin, Vol. 20, No. 7, July 1919; Card Catalog. Administration- Board of Trustees.

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Dept. of Civil and Mechanical Engineering combined in 1964.


Card Catalog – Academic Units.

Found in 26 Collections and/or Records:

The Denver Clarion, vol. 31, issue 18, 1955 February 18

Identifier: clarion_v031i18_19550218

Coeds pick Morton Roth as Dream Man. The College of Engineering will have Engineer’s Day on February 25, 1955. Three women in the race for A and S Woman Senator – Nancy Shiperd the newest candidate. Chancellor Alter commends Denver. Harrison Salisbury, foreign correspondent for the New York Times will present a lecture for the series on Mass Media and Foreign Policy. Freshman stage dance on February 19, 1955 – theme is “Ebony and Ivory”. Tax help offered.

Dates: 1955 February 18

The Denver Clarion, vol. 31, issue 19, 1955 February 25

Identifier: clarion_v031i19_19550225

32 Pioneer Students named to Who’s Who in American Colleges. Engineer’s Day Festivities. Patty Baker honored as Miss Denver U for 1955 – she received the honor at the Associated Women Students’ (AWS) banquet. Suzanne Dress named as outstanding junior woman of the year and the newly elected president of AWS on the UPC. Miss Esther Dimchevsky was presented with the Faculty Award at the AWS banquet.

Dates: 1955 February 25

The Denver Clarion, vol. 33, issue 31, 1957 February 12

Identifier: clarion_v033i31_19570212

DU’s Murray Armstrong Honored – Hockey Leader Named “Coach of the Year”. Engineers Making Final Plans for Annual Exhibition Event. Winners Named in RM Speech Conference. Denver U Alums Launch Annual Fund Drive. Engine Queen Finalists. Women Students Hold Nominations for Officers. RILW Coordinator Applications.

Dates: 1957 February 12

The Denver Clarion, vol. 33, issue 32, 1957 February 15

Identifier: clarion_v033i32_19570215

Women in the News’ Take Over Campus Activities Next Week. Greek Holidays Postponed a Week to March 7, 8. Annual Engineers’ Fete Opens Today. Summer Employment Handbook Available. Yul Brynner Receives Award. Professor to Hold TV Discussion on Novels. Engineers’ Day Program to Emphasize Scientific Research and New Machines. Hungarian Teams to Perform in Union Sunday. Greek Royalty (Greek Holiday Queen Finalists).

Dates: 1957 February 15

The Denver Clarion, vol. 33, issue 33, 1957 February 19

Identifier: clarion_v033i33_19570219

Women in Review – Breakfast Opens DU Women’s Week. Glenn Jackson Feted as Outstanding Senior During Engineer's Day. Editor, In a Drool, Interviews Cool Yul, Finds He’s Nobody’s Fool. Madam Will You Walk Next Theater Product. Arlene Belefonte, was elected Engineer’s Queen.

Dates: 1957 February 19

The Denver Clarion, vol. 34, issue 22, 1958 January 10

Identifier: clarion_v034i22_19580110

Critical Letter – Bookstore Must Show Profit According to University Staff. Student Senate Schedules Query of DU Bookstore. Automat Bows to Personalized Services. Engineers’ Day Planned. Noted Speakers to Offer Lectures as Guests of Iliff. Three Big Ten Schools Withdraw from Hockey League in Protest. Four Students Recipients of Rabbi Kauvar Award. DU-CC Hockey Tickets.

Dates: 1958 January 10

The Denver Clarion, vol. 34, issue 34, 1958 February 21

Identifier: clarion_v034i34_19580221

Engineers Take “Trip to Moon” – Department Exhibits, Displays Range From Matador to Musical Fountain. Affairs Board Vetoes Union Enlargement. Senate Approves Frosh Camp; Invites Applications for Chairmen. Queen Candidates Enter Final Judging - Kynewisbok’s Queenly Crew. “Freedom” Topic of Sunday Chapel Talk by Dr. Hall. May Days Committee Heads Chosen; Weekly Meetings Held to Plan Event. Foothills Deadline Today for Winter Contribution. Weekend Ski Report.

Dates: 1958 February 21

The Denver Clarion, vol. 35, issue 57, 1959 May 29

Identifier: clarion_v035i57_19590529

Civic Center Elects Today – Class and Bizad Officers Run Again in New Downtown Vote. Rollie Bradford Honored by IFC. An Urgent Message. Eleven Engineering Students Honored at Annual College Honor Convocation. NH Honors Scholars. K-Book Out Thursday in UPC Union Lounge and CCC Auditorium. 20 Business Administration Students Receive Awards and Scholarships at Sixth Bizad Honors Convocation. Last Clarion.

Dates: 1959 May 29

The Denver Clarion, vol. 36, issue 24, 1960 January 19

Identifier: clarion_v036i24_19600119

Luce to Judge Kynewisbok Queen; Nominations Deadline Thursday; First Judging to be Held Sunday. Agnostics Begins "I Believe" Series of Chapel Talks. A date to remember - Caterpillar Interviews for Engineers, February 5, 1960. Cigarette Ad.

Note: Pages 1 and 2 are missing.

Dates: 1960 January 19

The Denver Clarion, vol. 68, issue 32, 1964 February 14

Identifier: clarion_v068i32_19640214

Quiet Senate Debates Proposed Constitution. Education Relief Bill Defeated. Send Spur-o-gram Valentine’s Day. Centennial Engineers’ Week Theme: One Hundred Years of Engineering. Classes Dismissed. Insurance Foundation Donates Scholarships.

Dates: 1964 February 14