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Black Studies Department, University of Nebraska-Omaha


Found in 33 Collections and/or Records:

Oral History Interview with Anna Danner, 1981 April 1, 2006 June 9

Identifier: NSHS-RG4795AU-22
Abstract Ms. Danner recounts her experiences growing up in Oklahoma, and her life in Omaha starting in about 1917. She also discusses her brother, a Nebraska State senator.
Dates: 1981 April 1; Digitization: 2006 June 9

Oral History Interview with Art McWilliam, about 1981, 2006 May 16

Identifier: NSHS-RG4795AU-10
Abstract Mr. McWilliam was born in Lincoln, NE, in 1918. He recounts his experiences living in Lincoln, particularly relating to social and political life.
Dates: about 1981; Digitization: 2006 May 16

Oral History Interview with Bertha Calloway, 1982 March 22, 2006 June 15

Identifier: NSHS-RG4795AU-29
Abstract Ms. Calloway grew up in Denver, CO, and worked in Washington D.C. She relates her involvement in civil rights activities from the 1940s through the 1960s, and in the creation of the Great Plains Black Museum in Omaha.
Dates: 1982 March 22; Digitization: 2006 June 15

Oral History Interview with Beulah Bradley, about 1981, 2006 May 31

Identifier: NSHS-RG4795AU-17
Abstract Ms. Bradley recounts her experiences growing up in Nebraska City and in Lincoln, NE, starting in 1928. She focuses on life in Lincoln's Malone Neighborhood and issues relating to senior citizens.
Dates: about 1981; Digitization: 2006 May 31

Oral History Interview with Buddy Hogan, 1982 September 9, 2006 June 21

Identifier: NSHS-RG4795AU-36
Abstract Mr. Hogan was born in Gordonsville, Virginia in 1942. He recounts his experiences growing up in Virginia, attending Boys Town, NE, and the St. Augustine Seminary in Mississippi, living in Omaha and his tenure as president of the Omaha NAACP.
Dates: 1982 September 9; Digitization: 2006 June 21

Oral History Interview with C. Dennis Holland, 1982 November 19, 2006 June 27

Identifier: NSHS-RG4795AU-37
Abstract Mr. Holland was born in Concordia, Kansas in 1926. He recounts his experiences living in Chicago in the late 1940's and in Omaha starting in the early 1950's. He also relates his involvment in the DePorres Club and his observations of the civil rights movement in Omaha.
Dates: 1982 November 19; Digitization: 2006 June 27

Oral History Interview with Charles Tyler, 1981 August, 2006 May 23

Identifier: NSHS-RG4795AU-13
Abstract Mr. Tyler recounts his experiences in Omaha and outstate Nebraska as an itinerant minister, starting in 1947, and doing oral history research in outstate Nebraska.
Dates: 1981 August; Digitization: 2006 May 23

Oral History Interview with Charles Washington, 1982 February 18, 2006 June 13

Identifier: NSHS-RG4795AU-27
Abstract Mr. Washington recounts his experiences growing up and living in Omaha, with an emphasis on cultural life during the 1940s.
Dates: 1982 February 18; Digitization: 2006 June 13

Oral History Interview with Charlie May Moore, 1981 April 28, 2006 June 6

Identifier: NSHS-RG4795AU-20
Abstract Ms. Moore recounts her experiences growing up in Arkansas, later living in Omaha, NE (starting in 1947) and running a cosmetology business.
Dates: 1981 April 28; Digitization: 2006 June 6

Oral History Interview with Darryl Eure, 1982 April 23, 2006 June 16

Identifier: NSHS-RG4795AU-30
Abstract Mr. Eure was born in Omaha in 1950. He relates his involvement in the Omaha public schools (especially student activism at Central High School), in civil rights and anti-war activities, and in his work with the Afro Academy of Dramatic Arts in Omaha.
Dates: 1982 April 23; Digitization: 2006 June 16