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University of Denver. University Bookstore


William Leino, DU Business Manager stated that the DU Bookstore(s) must make a profit to help make up the difference between tuition and what is actually needed to operate the school (January 1958).

Found in 16 Collections and/or Records:

The Denver Clarion, vol. 34, issue 22, 1958 January 10

Identifier: clarion_v034i22_19580110
Abstract Critical Letter – Bookstore Must Show Profit According to University Staff. Student Senate Schedules Query of DU Bookstore. Automat Bows to Personalized Services. Engineers’ Day Planned. Noted Speakers to Offer Lectures as Guests of Iliff. Three Big Ten Schools Withdraw from Hockey League in Protest. Four Students Recipients of Rabbi Kauvar Award. DU-CC Hockey Tickets.
Dates: 1958 January 10

The Denver Clarion, vol. 68, issue 5, 1963 October 4

Identifier: clarion_v068i05_19631004
Abstract Hootenanny Time Tonight. Trustees Feted at Friday Dinner. Text Book Shortage Dilemma Discussed; “It’s Nobody’s Fault,” Store Director Says. James Farmer to Speak Today.
Dates: 1963 October 4

The Denver Clarion, vol. 75, issue 45, 1971 February 10

Identifier: clarion_v075i45_19710210
Abstract Bookstore loses on texts; profits on optional items. New committee hopes to improve dorm life. Cultural Festival “to stimulate whole creative environment”.
Dates: 1971 February 10

The Denver Clarion, vol. 76, issue 7, 1971 September 24

Identifier: clarion_v076i07_19710924
Abstract Bookstore business up despite Grassroots acts. Analysis: a question of means. Free VD tests available.
Dates: 1971 September 24

The Denver Clarion, vol. 76, issue 25, 1971 November 5

Identifier: clarion_v076i25_19711105
Abstract Humanization key to prison reform. Former student boycotters help organize University Bookstore Liaison Committee.
Dates: 1971 November 5

The Denver Clarion, vol. 76, issue 38, 1972 January 7

Identifier: clarion_v076i38_19720107
Abstract Tuition Up! Student pressure brings results in bookstore refund controversy. Suit lifted against guard use.
Dates: 1972 January 7

The Denver Clarion, vol. 76, issue 73, 1972 April 17

Identifier: clarion_v076i73_19720417
Abstract BoComm appoints Wood next year’s Clarion editor. Board appeals AUSA Court decision on faculty voting status. Payne named new assistant coach. Bookstore group proposes changes.
Dates: 1972 April 17

The Denver Clarion, vol. 78, issue 61, 1974 February 20

Identifier: clarion_v078i61_19740220
Abstract Elections to be April 4 – AUSA campaign rules listed. Armstrong inducted into Hall of Fame. Grad students eligible for editorship? BoComm engages in controversy. DU Bookstore staff discounts discontinued. Denver Boone.
Dates: 1974 February 20

The Denver Clarion, vol. 78, issue 63, 1974 February 25

Identifier: clarion_v078i63_19740225
Abstract Priorities report suggests more personalized advising. 90 percent oppose cancelled staff bookstore discounts – DU library staff petitions Phipps. DU cagers come back to beat Aggies. 98-92.
Dates: 1974 February 25

The Denver Clarion, vol. 78, issue 65, 1974 March 1

Identifier: clarion_v078i65_19740301
Abstract Tuck says Nixon pressured. DU Bookstore discount to be reinstated: Davis. AFL-CIO representative recognizes DU “problem”. Ski-bus trip. Attention hockey fans.
Dates: 1974 March 1