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University of Denver. Students for a Democratic Society


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The Denver Clarion, vol. 71, issue 23, 1967 January 10

Identifier: clarion_v071i23_19670110

Students Organize SDS Affiliate; Activist Role Planned for Future. Protests Organized – Student Leaders Ask Johnson to Explain Viet War. Pace Signs Protest Letter to Johnson Over Viet Policy. Panel Discussions Highlighted – Varied Activities Planned for Women’s Days. Trustees to Hear Progress Report from Chancellor Selection Group. Reporter Wanted.

Dates: 1967 January 10

The Denver Clarion, vol. 71, issue 36, 1967 February 10

Identifier: clarion_v071i36_19670210

SDS Moves to Abolish Student Senate at “Bitch-In”. The Death of God – Altizer’s Beliefs Buchtel Lecture Topic. Barbato Speech on LSD to Area Lions Club Causes Misquote, Excitement in Denver Press.

Dates: 1967 February 10

The Denver Clarion, vol. 71, issue 37, 1967 February 14

Identifier: clarion_v071i37_19670214

Regional SDS Conference Discusses Protest. Senate Committee Continues Investigation Into High Prices, Profits, at Bookstores. Pace Explains Function – Senate Role Clarified Following Charges. SDS to Submit Amendment For Consideration Tonight.

Dates: 1967 February 14

The Denver Clarion, vol. 71, issue 39, 1967 February 21

Identifier: clarion_v071i39_19670221

Plans for “Free University” Revealed by Student “Y”. Liberalized Regulations Formulated for Housing. Convention Planned – SDS Outlines Student Rights Bill. Bad Food Service At Halls Criticized. Senate, Board of Publications Form Committees to Recommend Revisions.

Dates: 1967 February 21

The Denver Clarion, vol. 71, issue 45, 1967 March 31

Identifier: clarion_v071i45_19670331

Senate Committee Revokes SDS Charter. Survey Shows Abortion Views. Extensive “Pot” Arrests Likely As Police Begin Campus Raids. Applications Open for Editorships. Thirteen AUSA Offices Unfilled, Many Senate Races Uncontested. One Hundred Students Registered for Spring Free University Courses.

Dates: 1967 March 31

The Denver Clarion, vol. 71, issue 47, 1967 April 4

Identifier: clarion_v071i47_19670404

Student Senate to Act on SDS For Not Regarding Regulations. Toynbee Contends – Man’s History Ended; 1945 Brings New Era. Interviews Reveal AUSA Contenders Views.

Dates: 1967 April 4

The Denver Clarion, vol. 71, issue 48, 1967 April 7

Identifier: clarion_v071i48_19670407

Sixteen Students Suspected of Marijuana and LSD Use. Attorney General – Clark to Deliver Commencement Address. Newcomer Wins in AUSA Election. Senate Reinstates SDS; Removes Restrictions.

Dates: 1967 April 7

The Denver Clarion, vol. 71, issue 50, 1967 April 14

Identifier: clarion_v071i50_19670414

Senators Reject New Elections; Question Dean on Drug Policies. K-Book, Clarion – Student Editors Chose. Thirty Students Join Frisco Mobilization. Ten AUSA Offices Vacant, Reopened. Just Happens – “Gentle Thursday” Coming April 20.

Dates: 1967 April 14

The Denver Clarion, vol. 71, issue 58, 1967 May 12

Identifier: clarion_v071i58_19670512

Senate Adds Ballot Proposal; Gives Students Third Choice. Final Preparations Made For In-Depth Course. SDS Speaks for Bill of Rights at Fraternity Council Meeting. Editorial – Rights Bill Affects Everyone. Pin-Up of the Month.

Dates: 1967 May 12

The Denver Clarion, vol. 72, issue 4, 1967 September 29

Identifier: clarion_v072i04_19670929

Chancellor Maurice Mitchell – Inauguration Set. Student Senate opens first session. New history honors program to allow “intensive specialization in chosen fields”. SDS President Kirby urges organization – not mourning. Grants offered by government. Betas prepare for rush.

Dates: 1967 September 29

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