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Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society (U.S.)


Found in 49 Collections and/or Records:

Box 360, 1904-1955

 File — Box: B002.04.0360
Identifier: B002.05.0360
Overview The Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society published the Sanatorium and publicity brochures and articles. The patients published the Tales of the Tents. The box also includes publications written by May Arno Schwatt and articles about Halpern Leivick.
Dates: 1904-1955

Box 360, after 1932

 File — Box: B002.04.0360
Identifier: B002.10.0360
Scope and Contents Contains one folder with architectural contract in box with 19 folders from series 4-8 and series 10.
Dates: after 1932

Box 361 (plaque, Isaac Victor Articles), 1920, 1948

 File — Box: B002.13.0361
Identifier: B002.13.0361
Scope and Contents Contains wood plaque with newspaper articles about Isadore (Isaac) Jacobs who was accused of killing a nurse in 1920 and certificate "In Memory of Dr. Philip Hillkowitz" by the Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society, May 12, 1948.
Dates: 1920, 1948

Box 363, circa 1906-1955

 File — Box: B002.04.0363
Identifier: B002.04.0363
Overview 3 unframed and 2 framed black and white photos of hostpital grounds, patients, nurses and a banquet of the Jewish Consumptives Relief Society.
Dates: circa 1906-1955

Box 364, circa 1906-1920

 File — Box: B002.04.0364
Identifier: B002.04.0364
Overview 2 framed black and white photographs. One shows two patients in bed with a nurse and doctor. The other shows a patient on an examination table with a nurse and a doctor.
Dates: circa 1906-1920

Box 365, between 1910-1920

 File — Box: B002.04.0365
Identifier: B002.04.0365
Overview 2 framed black and white photographs. One shows a patient outside in a wheelchair with nurse. The other shows a view from outside of the campus building with Model T's.
Dates: between 1910-1920

Box 366, 1915

 File — Box: B002.04.0366
Identifier: B002.04.0366
Overview 2 framed balck and white photographs. The first shows three patients in hospital beds being attended to by a nurse. The second shows a patient getting dental work with a long instrument by a dentists and a nurse wearing goggles.
Dates: 1915

Box 367, between 1910-1920

 File — Box: B002.04.0367
Identifier: B002.04.0367
Overview 2 framed black and white photographs. One shows a patient in a bed with a nurse holding a gas mask connected to a large metal tank over his face. The other shows two patients in robes standing behind another patient sitting in a wheelchair.
Dates: between 1910-1920

Box 368, between 1910-1925

 File — Box: B002.04.0368
Identifier: B002.04.0368
Overview 2 black and white photographs. Patient sitting on bed in a ward with windows open with a nurse beside him. Patient on an examiniation table with a doctor and nurse.
Dates: between 1910-1925

Box 369, circa 1930

 File — Box: B002.04.0369
Identifier: B002.04.0369
Overview 2 framed black and white photos. One shows a large number of patients in beds outside receiving heliotheorpy with a nurse attending to them. The other shows a female patient on a table with a doctor and nurse attending to her.
Dates: circa 1930