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Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society (U.S.)


Found in 37 Collections and/or Records:

Auxiliary Correspondence, 1944-1948

Identifier: B002.07.0360.0020
Scope and Contents Contains correspondence and related materials.
Dates: 1944-1948

Auxiliary Correspondence, 1944-1950

Identifier: B002.07.0360.0021
Scope and Contents Contains correspondence and related records.
Dates: 1944-1950

Auxiliary Correspondence, 1944-1952

Identifier: B002.07.0360.024
Scope and Contents Contains correspondence and related records.
Dates: 1944-1952

JCRS Isaac Solomon Historic Synagogue Foundation Records

Identifier: B353
Overview The Isaac Solomon Historic Synagogue Foundation was founded in 2001 with a mission to restore the Beth Jacob Synagogue building and a tent structure on the former campus of the Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society (JCRS) in Lakewood, Colorado. The Foundation was dissolved in 2013 due to financial challenges. This collection shows the process and challenges of historic preservation. Collection contains correspondence, architectural and construction information, historical background materials,...
Dates: circa 1957-2012

Letter from A. Billen to C.D. Spivak, 1910 May 13

Identifier: B002.01.0102.0036.00017
Overview Handwritten letter from Abe Billen to C.D. Spivak. Billen wrote to Spivak to explain why he was discharged by Dr. Levin. Billen explains that two weeks ago he was sick in bed with a fever and stomach troubles. When the doctor made his rounds in the morning around the sanatorium Billen complained about his sickness and the doctor wrote the comments down in his book, but did not provide him with any medicine. Billen tells Spivak that in the evening he had to walk to the office himself, with a 104...
Dates: 1910 May 13

Letter from A. Cooper to JCRS, 1910 March 1

Identifier: B002.01.0103.0088.00002
Overview Handwritten letter from A. Cooper to JCRS. Cooper tells the staff at JCRS that a representative was supposed to get into contact with Cooper, but he has not heard anything. Cooper also explains that he is now suffering from bronchitis and had been advised to go to a sanatorium but he would prefer to go to a Jewish home. He also says that he does not belong to any society and does not have any friends to help him. Cooper then asks JCRS that if they cannot help his case then to refer him to...
Dates: 1910 March 1

Letter from A. Kovalsky to C.D. Spivak, 1911 June 5

Identifier: B002.01.0104.0026.00009
Overview Handwritten letter from A. Kovalsky to C.D. Spivak. The letter is written in Yiddish. The heading of the letter is from the Isidore Hurwitz Library at the JCRS sanatorium.
Dates: 1911 June 5

Letter from A. Lightstone to C.D. Spivak, 1909 April 5

Identifier: B002.01.0103.0095.00013
Overview Handwritten letter from A. Lightstone to C.D. Spivak. Lightstone tells Spivak that Leibovitch is progressing.
Dates: 1909 April 5

Letter from C.D. Spivak to D. Gordon, 1912 March 26

Identifier: B002.01.0104.0152.00012
Overview Letter from C.D. Spivak to D. Gordon. Spivak clarifies that Gordon came to the sanatorium from Port Chester, New York and was admitted on October 11, 1911. Spivak also states that Gordon left the sanatorium on March 3, 1912. Spivak is happy to know that Gordon is feeling better and he hopes he will be restored back to health.
Dates: 1912 March 26

Letter from C.D. Spivak to H. Abramowitz, 1909 April 19

Identifier: B002.01.0103.0095.00014
Overview Typed letter from C.D. Spivak to H. Abramowitz. Spivak explains that he has not written to Abramowitz because the office has been closed for the holiday. Spivak then tells Abramowitz that he consulted JCRS’ superintendent, who understands Leibovitch’s case thoroughly, and he said that Leibovitch is not in a good condition. Spivak says Leibovitch is also a “wild erratic disposition” who does not take care of himself outside of the sanatorium. Spivak believes Leibovitch will benefit from a lower...
Dates: 1909 April 19