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Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society (U.S.)


Found in 47 Collections and/or Records:

Letter from S. Rosenberg to C.D. Spivak, 1910 November 9

Identifier: B002.01.0103.0089.00006
Abstract Handwritten letter from Sarah Rosenberg to C.D. Spivak. Rosenberg tells Spivak that she is very grateful for the admission of her son to the JCRS sanatorium in Denver. Mrs. Rosenberg also says that God will reward JCRS and Rosenberg gives them her blessings. There is a postscript that states, “Best regards to my boy Bennie.”
Dates: 1910 November 9

Letter from S. Wolf to C.D. Spivak, 1911 September 15

Identifier: B002.01.0104.0146.00024
Abstract Thank you letter from S. Wolf to C.D. Spivak. Wolf tells Spivak that the Department of Commerce and Labor is also thankful for Spivak’s generous interest in Rosche Schwartz’s case.
Dates: 1911 September 15

Letter from S. Wolf to C.D. Spivak, 1910 August 15

Identifier: B002.01.0104.0025.00016
Abstract Letter from S. Wolf to C.D. Spivak. Wolf thanks Spivak for the prompt action when admitting Gutnick as a patient to JCRS. Wolf tells Spivak that he appreciates it and will advise Mr. Kraus.
Dates: 1910 August 15

Letter from T. Schaeffer to C.D. Spivak, 1911 November 25

Identifier: B002.01.0104.0171.00018
Abstract Handwritten thank you note from Mrs. Tenne Schaeffer to C.D. Spivak. Tenne thanks Spivak for the good JCRS has done so far on behalf of her husband. She trusts that her husband will be a good and successful patient.
Dates: 1911 November 25

Letter from the Rosenbergs to C.D. Spivak, 1911 March 28

Identifier: B002.01.0103.0155.00023
Abstract Handwritten letter from the Rosenbergs to C.D. Spivak. It gave the Rosenbergs great pleasure to hear that their brother, Mr. Diamond had been admitted to JCRS. They wish they could do more for him but times are bad. They send Spivak wishes for the best of health and sign the letter, “Your friends, Rosenberg” at the bottom.
Dates: 1911 March 28

Letter from Y. Cohen to C.D. Spivak, 1911 September 25

Identifier: B002.01.0104.0164.00008
Abstract Handwritten letter from Mrs. Yetta Cohen to C.D. Spivak. Yetta thanks Spivak for the kindness he has shown her son. She admits that it has been impossible to provide her son with the care and attention he needs because her own health has been poor and she is under a doctor’s order as well. She hopes that JCRS has a happy new year.
Dates: 1911 September 25

Postcard from C. Waldman to C.D. Spivak, 1910 July 8

Identifier: B002.01.0102.0122.00014
Abstract Postcard from C. Waldman to C.D. Spivak. Waldman tells Spivak that he arrived back home safely. He also tells Spivak that he is feeling fairly well and his appetite has improved. He thanks the staff at JCRS and gives a special thanks to Mrs. Cohen. The verso of the postcard is addressed to Spivak in Edgewater Colo.
Dates: 1910 July 8