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Hornbein family


The Hornbein family of Denver, Colorado, was actively involved in the Colorado Jewish community. Philip L. Hornbein (1879-1962) was a 1901 graduate of the University of Denver School of Law, a noted trial lawyer, chairman of the Colorado Democratic Party from 1918 to 1920, and President of the National Lawyers Guild Denver chapter from its formation in 1938. He was a founder of Denver's Zionist movement, supporter of JCRS, and led the fight against the Ku Klux Klan during the 1920s. In 1905 he married Flora Anfenger (1888-1964), the daughter of early Colorado pioneer Louis Anfenger, and they had three children: Louis (1907-1912), Marjorie (1913-2006), and Philip, Jr. (1915-1987). Marjorie Hornbein received undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Denver, was a founder and served on the executive board of the Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society; authored a book and many journal and magazine articles; and contributed to the boards of many charitable, educational, and municipal commissions in Denver. Philip Hornbein, Jr. served in the U.S. Army during World War II and was a labor attorney.

Found in 20 Collections and/or Records:

Box 1, 1902-1988

 File — Box: B167.01.0001
Identifier: B167.01.0001
Abstract Framed newspaper clippings and documents.
Dates: 1902-1988

Box 1, 1950-1988

 File — Box: B167.01.0001
Identifier: B167.02.0001
Abstract Framed photographs of Philip Hornbein
Dates: 1950-1988

Box 2, between1941-1945

 File — Box: B167.03.0002
Identifier: B167.03.0002
Abstract Philip Hornbein Jr. military jacket and cap.
Dates: between1941-1945

Box 3, 1902-1988

 File — Box: B167.03.0003
Identifier: B167.03.0003
Abstract (1) Wooden box with the Star of David engraved in the top holding a copy of the Holy Scriptures with white cover and gold edges, (1) "Friends of the River Award" plaque presented to Marjorie Hornbein, (1) dark red cloth bound travel souvenier scrapbook, (1) "Histadrut Distinguished Service Award" plaque presented to Philip Hornbein Jr., (1) Anfenger family menorah, (1) silver cup presented to Philip Hornbein by the Cripple Creek District Lodge No 522 J.O.B.B in 1902, and (1) Flora Anfenger and...
Dates: 1902-1988

Box 4, 1900-2005

 File — Box: B167.03.0004
Identifier: B167.03.0004
Abstract Includes material culture objects such as five (5) engraved metal objects, (1) powder box, (1) engraved wallet, and Majorie Hornbein's driver's license, Medicaid card, and health insurance card.(1) Gold bracelet with the initials FAH in a black velvet bag, (1) silver hand mirror with "Marjorie" engraved on the back, (1) silver dresser tray with the initial "F" engraved, silver calling card tray, small silver container with "Phil" engraved on the side, (1) white china powder box with...
Dates: 1900-2005

Box 5, 1902-1988

 File — Box: B167.01.0005
Identifier: B167.01.0005
Abstract Includes (1) red leather scrapbook of newspaper clippings and letters about, from or to Philip Hornbein Sr., (1) brown leather scrapbook of newspaper clippings and letters about, from or to Philip Hornbein Sr., and (1) award given to Marjorie Hornbein and accepted on her behalf by Jeanne Abrams.
Dates: 1902-1988

Box 6, 1902-1988

 File — Box: B167.01.0006
Identifier: B167.01.0006
Abstract Includes (1) blue cloth bound Pentateuch and Haftorahs ''In Memory of Philip Hornbein'' imprinted on front, and several publications (books, magazines, and newletters) containing articles by Marjorie Hornbein.
Dates: 1902-1988

Box 8, 1902-1988

 File — Box: B167.01.0008
Identifier: B167.01.0008
Abstract Red leather scrapbook of newspaper clippings about Philip Hornbein Sr. and framed newspaper article titled ''Hornbein's Been Debating for 60 Years.''
Dates: 1902-1988

Box 8, 1902-1988

 File — Box: B167.01.0008
Identifier: B167.02.0008
Abstract Four black and white images of Philip Hornbein Sr. framed together in a black frame. Family Photographs.
Dates: 1902-1988

Box 9, 1902-1988

 File — Box: B167.01.0009
Identifier: B167.01.0009
Abstract Baby book for Louis Anfenger Hornbein, Hornbein and Rockwell accounts journal, and folders containing newspaper clippings about Marjorie and Philip Hornbein Jr., articles written by Marjorie Hornbein, Hornbein family history and tree, and certificates given to Marjorie Hornbein.
Dates: 1902-1988