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Sladek, Osi


Osi Sladek is a musician living in Denver, Colorado. He began entertaining people as a child during World War II in Hungary. Osi Sladek was born in Czechoslovakia in 1935 to a father who was a Czechoslovakian composer and first violinist of the Kassa Philbarmonic. The family fled from the Nazis into the Tatra mountains before escaping through the Russian front. Osi Sladek joined the folk music scene in LA in 1958, married Selma Rosen and moved to Denver, Colorado.

Found in 4 Collections and/or Records:

Osi Sladek, 2015 April 3

Identifier: B292.01.0001.0002
Abstract The newspaper article appeared in the April 3, 2015 Passover Edition of the "Intermountain Jewish News." Daniel Sladek wrote about his father Osi Sladek who was a child Holocaust survivor and a folk singer and composer. He took part in the folk music revival beginning in 1958 when he arrived in California.
Dates: 2015 April 3

Osi Sladek Live at the Budhai, Oklahoma City, 1960, 2015

Identifier: B292.02.0001.00003
Abstract The Compact Disc is titled ''Osi Sladek Live at the Budhai Oklahoma City 1960'' and is a collection of original songs by Osi Sladek and traditional songs sung from around the world from his 1960 performance. There are 23 tracks on the CD which were released by Daniel Sladek in 2015.
Dates: 1960; Digitization: 2015

Rosen And Sladek Family Papers

Identifier: B292
Abstract Russian Jewish immigrants Samuel Castille and Zelda Goldberg Rosen settled on Denver's west side and raised 13 children. Their daughter Clara Rosen married Joseph Rosen and they had four children including Selma Rosen who married Osi Sladek. Joseph Rosen began selling newspapers in Denver at the age of seven, starting out as a helper for his future brothers-in-law Max and Al Rosen. Hyman Rosen was born in Denver in 1916, the third youngest of the 13 children of Samuel and Zelda Rosen. He began...
Dates: 1960-2015

Tapestry, 2006

Identifier: B292.02.0001.00002
Abstract The Compact Disc is titled ''Tapestry'' and is a collection of original and familiar songs sung in English and Hebrew by Osi Sladek and features his wife, Selma. There are 18 tracks on the album and musicians Ben Lindemann, Yaniv Salzberg and Eric Roberts are also featured. It was released by Quincy Park Productions in Denver, Colorado in 2006. Recorded at FTM Studios in Lakewood, Colorado.
Dates: 2006