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Blumberg, Benjamin M., 1911-1978


Newspaperman; b. Feb 15, 1911, d. Feb. 19, 1978; graduate of Cheltenham School (Denver, Colo.), North High School (Denver Colo.) and the University of Denver.

Found in 126 Collections and/or Records:

West End Press, No. 53 (February 15, 1935), 1935 February 15

Identifier: B121.02.0017.00001.00053
Abstract News coverage in this issue of The West End Press includes:
Dates: 1935 February 15

West End Press, No. 54, 1935 February 22

Identifier: B121.02.0019.0002.00008
Abstract Issue no. 54. News coverage includes: the Yeshivath Torath Chaim Synagog Bazaar, and activities of West Colfax Democratic Club, College of Jewish Studies, Denver Council of Young Judaea, and West Colfax Townsend Club.
Dates: 1935 February 22

West End Press, No. 55, 1935 March 1

Identifier: B121.02.0019.0002.00009
Abstract Issue no. 55. News coverage includes: traffic safety zones' effects on local merchants, and activities of Hebrew Educational Alliance, Gigolo Club, B. M. H. Synagog daily minyan, Belle G. Kauvar Fund for the Furtherance of Jewish Education, and the University of Denver all-girl debate team.
Dates: 1935 March 1

West End Press, No. 57, 1935 March 15

Identifier: B121.02.0019.0002.00010
Abstract Issue no. 57. News coverage includes: West Colfax cleaners and tailors uniting to prevent the opening of a ''cut-throat competition'' store, and activities of the newly created Benjamin F. Stapleton for Mayor Club, College of Jewish Studies, Spivak Educational Institute, and Hebrew Educational Alliance.
Dates: 1935 March 15

West End Press, No. 58, 1935 March 22

Identifier: B121.02.0019.0002.00011
Abstract Issue no. 58. News coverage includes: the organization of a United Health Appeal campaign to benefit the Jewish Consumptive Relief Society, Beth Israel Hospital, National Jewish Hospital, and Ex-Patients Tubercular Home, and activities of West Colfax Democratic Club, Hadassah, Rude Community Center, Mizrachi, Hebrew Educational Alliance, and Guldman Center.
Dates: 1935 March 22

West End Press, No. 59, 1935 March 29

Identifier: B121.02.0019.0002.00012
Abstract Issue no. 59. News coverage includes: Attorney Philip Hornbein's endorsement of Will W. Grant for mayor of Denver, and activities of Aleph Zadik Aleph, Hebrew Educational Alliance, Colfax Preschool, and Rude Center.
Dates: 1935 March 29

West End Press, No. 60, 1935 April 5

Identifier: B121.02.0019.0002.00013
Abstract Issue no. 60. News coverage includes: delay in the paving and widening of the Golden Road (West Colfax Avenue west of Sheridan Boulevard), and activities of Boy Scout Troop #118, Hebrew Educational Alliance, Colfax Parent-Teacher Association, and the Pig'n Whistle Park.
Dates: 1935 April 5

West End Press, No. 61, 1935 April 12

Identifier: B121.02.0019.0002.00014
Abstract Issue no. 61. News coverage includes: United Health Appeal's campaign ends and surpasses its original goal, and West End Press officially endorses Will Grant for Denver mayor, and activities of Pig 'n Whistle Park, Community Chest, Junior National Fund Club, and National Home for Jewish Children Alumni Association.
Dates: 1935 April 12

West End Press, No. 62, 1935 April 19

Identifier: B121.02.0019.0002.00015
Abstract Issue no. 62. News coverage includes: Ernest Morris endorses Will Grant for Denver mayor, and activities of Spivak Educational Institute, Aleph Zadik Aleph, Cheltenham P.-T. A., and the Denver ICOR Branch.
Dates: 1935 April 19

West End Press, No. 63, 1935 April 26

Identifier: B121.02.0019.0002.00016
Abstract Issue no. 63. News coverage includes: Mayoral candidate Benjamin F. Stapleton promising 25,000 city jobs if elected, and activities of Cheltenham Parent-Teachers' Association, Justicia Rebekah Lodge No. 49, and the Bickur Cholim Society.
Dates: 1935 April 26