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Blumberg, Benjamin M., 1911-1978


Newspaperman; b. Feb 15, 1911, d. Feb. 19, 1978; graduate of Cheltenham School (Denver, Colo.), North High School (Denver Colo.) and the University of Denver.

Found in 126 Collections and/or Records:

West End Press, No. 64, 1935 May 3

Identifier: B121.02.0019.0002.00017
Abstract Issue no. 64. News coverage includes: The West End Press's endorsement of Harry Rosenthal for Denver District No. 2 Councilman, and activities of West Colfax Voters Club, Grant for Mayor Headquarters, Oneg Shabbos, Hebrew Educational Alliance, and Justicia Rebekah Lodge No. 49, International Order of Odd Fellows.
Dates: 1935 May 3

West End Press, No. 66, 1935 May 10

Identifier: B121.02.0019.0002.00018
Abstract Issue no. 66. News coverage includes: Will W. Grant's campaign rally at the Yeshivah Torath Chaim Synagog, and activities of Zionist District Organization, Hadassah, Mizrachi Organization, and Beth David Sisterhood.
Dates: 1935 May 10

West End Press, No. 67, 1935 May 24

Identifier: B121.02.0019.0002.00019
Abstract Issue no. 67. News coverage includes: election results (Harry Rosenthal re-elected as District No. 2 councilman, Benjamin Stapleton defeats Will Grant for Denver mayor), and activities of Denver Council of Young Judaea, Rude Park House Council, and Yad Achas Auxiliary.
Dates: 1935 May 24

West End Press, No. 69, 1935 June 7

Identifier: B121.02.0019.0002.00020
Abstract Issue no. 69. News coverage includes: reception at Kneseth Israel Synagog (West Conejos Place & Hooker Street) for twelve young Tel Aviv-born athletes touring the world by motorcycle, and activities of Mizrachi, Gallup Defense Committee, Council of Jewish Juniors, West Colfax Townsend Club, and Hebrew Educational Alliance.
Dates: 1935 June 7

West End Press, No. 70, 1935 June 14

Identifier: B121.02.0019.0002.00021
Abstract Issue no. 70. News coverage includes: construction of five new houses in the West End on Perry Street, Utica Street, and Tennyson Street, and activities of Mizrachi, Ladies Auxiliary of the Dr. Chaim Spivak Educational Institute, East High School, Trojans, Alumni of National Home for Jewish Children, and Zera Israel Auxiliary.
Dates: 1935 June 14

West End Press, No. 71, 1935 June 21

Identifier: B121.02.0019.0002.00022
Abstract Issue no. 71. News coverage includes: Frank Naiman announces his plan to request shorter prison terms for the three youths (Harry Leopold, Milton Schechter, Morey Teplow) who attacked him in 1934, and activities of Mizrachi, Hebrew Educational Alliance, Ladies Auxiliary of Zera Israel Synagog, and Guldman Community Center.
Dates: 1935 June 21

West End Press, No. 72, 1935 June 28

Identifier: B121.02.0019.0002.00023
Abstract Issue no. 72. News coverage includes: Denver votes for Mizrachi candidate Rabbi Manuel Laderman and General Zionist candidate C. H. Kauvar to be considered as possible delegates to the World Zionist Congress, and activities of Hebrew Educational Alliance, Ostrover Society, Rude Park Community Center, and the Beth David Sisterhood of Hebrew Educational Alliance.
Dates: 1935 June 28

West End Press, No. 73, 1935 July 5

Identifier: B121.02.0019.0002.00024
Abstract Issue no. 73. News coverage includes: Eddie Cantor speaks about looming anti-Semitism at a B'nai B'rith Grand Lodge convention in Los Angeles, and activities of J. O. Y. Girls, Hebrew Educational Alliance, Star of Denver Lodge No. 112, Justicia Rebekah Lodge No. 49, and Aleph Zadik Aleph.
Dates: 1935 July 5

West End Press, No. 74, 1935 July 12

Identifier: B121.02.0019.0002.00025
Abstract Issue no. 74. News coverage includes: Dr. Julius H. Greenstone visits Denver to survey the Jewish educational facilities, and activities of Yas Achas Synagog, Hebrew Educational Alliance, Beth David Sisterhood, and Guldman Community Center.
Dates: 1935 July 12

West End Press, No. 75, 1935 July 19

Identifier: B121.02.0019.0002.00026
Abstract Issue no. 75. News coverage includes: West End retail sales are highest since the summer of 1930, and activities of Ostrover Society, Hebrew Educational Alliance, Council of Young Judaea, Justicia Rebekah Lodge No. 49, and Cheltenham Sweet Shoppe.
Dates: 1935 July 19