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Spivak, Jennie Charsky, 1869-1965



  • Usage: 1869 - 1893


Jennie Charsky was born in Poltava, Russia (now Ukraine) she immigrated to Philadelphia, Pa. with her parents and sister May in 1875. She married Dr. C.D. Spivak in 1893 and moved to Denver, Colorados in 1896. The Spivaks had three children, David, Deena, and Ruth. Jennie wrote for the journal Medical Libraries as Mrs. Jennie C. Spivak and published poetry as Jennie Charsky, 1924-1961. In the early years of JCRS, she travelled to other cities as a fundraiser for JCRS. She was a charter member of Hadassah, National Council of Jewish Women, and Mizrachi Women. She was also a member of Why, and the Women's Press Club.


From Pioneering Jewish Women" exhibit label: Jennie arrived in Denver with her husband Dr. Charles Spivak from Philadelphia in 1896. Dr. Spivak was a co-founder of the Jewish Consumptives’ Relief Society (JCRS) in 1904. During 1904, Jennie served as one of the three official incorporators of the JCRS and the only woman. From 1903-1913 Jennie was also a faculty member at the University of Denver, teaching the Russian language. An intellectual woman, Jennie was a member of Denver's Why Club, a women's discussion group. She was honored for her work in education as a ''Representative Woman of Colorado.''

Found in 11 Collections and/or Records:

Box 7, 1924-2000

 File — Box: B250.03.0007
Identifier: B250.01.0007
Abstract The box contains books of poetry by Jennie Charsky Spivak and a memoir by Lynn Spivak. There are two copies of "Joseph the Carpenter: Drama in Poetic Form," two copies of "Boaz the Agrarian: Drama In Poetic Form," one copy of "Persons Lowly Born: Drama in Poetic Form," and "two copies of poetry book "Lays." One of the copies is inscribed "1/23/61, To my dear Grandson and his wife--With all of my Love to the both of you and their beautiful children. Your G. Mother, Jennie C Spivak." There is...
Dates: 1924-2000

Dr. Charles Spivak and Jennie Charsky in Philadelphia, 1892 September

Identifier: B250.01.0003.00001
Abstract Dr. Charles David Spivak and his fiancee, Jennie Charsky, pose for a studio photograph in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in September 1892. The picture was taken the day before Jennie left to attend college at Cornell University. Dr. Charles Spivak was the longtime secretary of the Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society (JCRS). After the couple moved to Colorado in 1896, Jennie completed her college degree at the University of Denver. She later taught Russian language classes at the University for...
Dates: 1892 September

Jennie Charsky Spivak, 1897-1965

Identifier: B250.01.0001.0005

Folder contains articles on Jennie Charsky Spivak about her 95th birthday at American Medical Center (successor to JCRS), copy of page from Representative Women of Colorado with Jennie Spivak, and an obituary. Also, a publication titled "The Greatest Effort of his Life" from September 1897.

Dates: 1897-1965

Jennie Spivak, 1964

Identifier: B360.03.0034.0019

Mrs. Jeannie Spivak on her 95th birthday in the hospital at AMC. Photograph where she is seated in a wheelchair looking at her birthday cake, two newspaper articles and copies of the press release from AMC are included.

Dates: 1964

Letter from B. Halzmau to C.D. Spivak, 1907 April 27

Identifier: B002.01.0102.0158.00002
Abstract Handwritten letter from the president of Hartford Hospital to C.D. Spivak. The hospital informs Spivak that they are sending a consumptive patient to JCRS by the name of Max Cohen. They tell Spivak that Max had been in a consumptive hospital for four months and the doctor decided that he must go to Denver. The hospital informs Spivak that they have followed his directions when sending a patient to Denver such as, providing a certificate from a doctor and means to pay for boarding for at...
Dates: 1907 April 27

Newsclippings, 1927-1954

Identifier: B250.01.0001.0006

Newspaper clippings about Dr. Charles D. Spivak and his wife Jennie Charsky Spivak.

Dates: 1927-1954

Philadelphia, 1890-2008

Identifier: B250.01.0001.0003

Photographs and copies of photographs of the home where Spivaks lived in Philadelphia, copies of correspondence, and article on Michael Valentine Ball.

Dates: 1890-2008

Photographs and Ephemera, 1912-1927

Identifier: B250.01.0001.0009

Memorial program and card, copy of family photographs and negatives, a cabinet card photograph of a couple taken in Russia, and two post cards from Worumbo Mills, Lisbon Falls, Maine, where Charles Spivak worked before attending medical school. The cabinet card is in very poor condition and has broken between the top and bottom of the card.

Dates: 1912-1927

Rosenheyn Agriculatural Colony, NJ, 2009

Identifier: B250.01.0001.0007

Copies of photographs of the Rosenheyn Agricultural Colony, New Jersey, where the Charsky family lived.

Dates: 2009

Spivak Family Papers and Art

Identifier: B250
Abstract Dr. Charles Spivak was born in Russia in 1861 and died in Denver, Colorado in 1927. He arrived in New York City in 1882 and graduated from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1893, Charles Spivak married Jennie Charsky. Because of Jennie's poor health the Spivaks moved to Denver in 1896. Dr. Spivak was a co-founder of the Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society (JCRS) and was the executive secretary from 1904 until 1927. Haim David Spivak, son of Dr. Charles and Jennie...
Dates: 1861-2010