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Abramowitz, H.


Doctor, Rabbi, Reverend, and National Director of the Jewish Consumptives Relief Society in Montreal, Canada.


Found in: B002.01.0100.0114.00004.

Found in 3 Collections and/or Records:

Letter from C.D. Spivak to H. Abramowitz, 1909 April 19

Identifier: B002.01.0103.0095.00014
Overview Typed letter from C.D. Spivak to H. Abramowitz. Spivak explains that he has not written to Abramowitz because the office has been closed for the holiday. Spivak then tells Abramowitz that he consulted JCRS’ superintendent, who understands Leibovitch’s case thoroughly, and he said that Leibovitch is not in a good condition. Spivak says Leibovitch is also a “wild erratic disposition” who does not take care of himself outside of the sanatorium. Spivak believes Leibovitch will benefit from a lower...
Dates: 1909 April 19

Letter from C.D. Spivak to H. Abramowitz, 1909 May 7

Identifier: B002.01.0103.0095.00018
Overview Typed letter from C.D. Spivak to H. Abramowitz. Spivak tells Abramowitz that Spivak conducted an interview with Leibovitch and had a lengthy discussion with J.B. Fish about Leibovitch’s health. He came to the conclusion to keep Mr. Leibovitch for another month or two.
Dates: 1909 May 7

Letter from H. Abramowitz to C.D. Spivak, 1909 April 2

Identifier: B002.01.0103.0095.00012
Overview Handwritten letter from H. Abramowitz to C.D. Spivak. Abramowitz tells Spivak that the mother of Mr. Leibovitch went to him in distress because she received a letter from Spivak that said her son would be discharged on April 15th. Abramowitz asks Spivak if JCRS can keep Leibovitch a little longer because she will need to find $45.00 for a rail-road ticket for her son. He also explains that the community is very poor and cannot help Leibovitch. Abramowitz also encourages Spivak to tell...
Dates: 1909 April 2