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Buxbaum, Meyer


JCRS patient #973. Accepted Feb 8, 1909. Died Apr. 21, 1909.


Found in B002.01.0100.0104.00001

Found in 3 Collections and/or Records:

Note from E. Buxbaum to an Unknown Recipient, 1905 September 06

Identifier: B002.01.0100.0104.00008
Overview Handwritten note composed in ink by E. Buxbaum in "New York" to an unknown recipient society dated "Sept. 6 1905" [sic]. The note reads, "In answer to yours of the 2nd inst. I wish to say that I thank you most heartily for the kindness tendered to my brother and trust that it will be of great benefit to him. With the most sincere thanks to your most noble society" [sic]. The letter is signed by Esther Buxbaum.
Dates: 1905 September 06

Note to Dr. Spivak from an Unknown Author, 1905 August 14

Identifier: B002.01.0100.0104.00014
Overview Handwritten note in black ink to "Dr. Spivaa [Spivak]" in Denver from an unknown author dated "August 14th, 1905" [sic]. The note describes an exam given to M. Buxbaum by someone, who judged M. Buxbaum "undoubtedly Tubercular" with "Temperature...= 99 [degrees]. Pulse soft, Pulserate 90. - Haemorrage [hemorrhage] 5 weeks ago" [sic]. The examiner concludes his examination with "Diagnosis: Incipient Tuberculosis!" [sic]. The letter is signed [illegible] in ink.
Dates: 1905 August 14

Note to Dr. Spivak from The Western Union Telegraph Company, [1909] April 26

Identifier: B002.01.0100.0104.00032
Overview Handwritten note to "M [Dr] C D Spivak secy [JCRS]" from The Western Union Telegraph Company on letterhead that states, "Form 101. THE WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH COMPANY, (INCORPORATED)" dated "4/26 190[?]" [sic]. The note reads, "Your dispatch dated _4/24_ to _I. Greenberg Fairmont NY_ is undelivered. Reason: _unknown if an answer [illegible] to what message_" [sic]. The note was found in JCRS M. Buxbaum's patient record. The note is signed [illegible].
Dates: [1909] April 26