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Nishman, Hyman


Agent found in JCRS Patient #951 J. Bilovsky's record.


Found in B002.01.0100.0091.00003

Found in 2 Collections and/or Records:

Copy of Letter to H. Nishman from S. Pisko, 1930 September 11

Identifier: B002.01.0100.0091.00004
Abstract Copy of a typed letter to H. Nishman in Brooklyn N.Y. from S. Pisko dated Sept. 11, 1930. The letter notifies Nishman that his letter was forwarded to Pisko from the Colorado General Hospital, informing him that there is no "State Sanitarium for Tuberculosis" [sic]. The letter goes on to give some history on J. Bilovsky's life and his residence at two different hospitals including the JCRS. Ulitmately, Pisko believes Nishman will be able to rightly identify "the uncle to whom you refer in your...
Dates: 1930 September 11

Letter to B. Friedland from S. Schaefer, 1930 September 11

Identifier: B002.01.0100.0091.00003
Abstract Typed letter to "Mr. Ben Friedland, Asst. Sec'y. [JCRS] P. O. Box 537 Denver, Colo" from S. Schaefer on letterhead that states, "NATIONAL JEWISH HOSPITAL...OFFICE OF NATIONAL SUPERVISOR SAMUEL SCHAEFER 3800 EAST COLFAX AVENUE" dated "September 11, 1930" [sic]. The letter informs B. Friedland that, pursuant to their earlier phone conversation, S. Schaefer will enclose a copy of a letter to Mr. Hyman Nishman regarding J. Bilovsky. The letter also thanks Friedland for attending this matter. The...
Dates: 1930 September 11