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Kaiser, Abraham


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JCRS patient no. 853. Accepted into Sanatorium 10/[1]/1908, admitted 10/9/1908 and discharged 12/[19]/1908.
Citation Information First appears in B002.01.0100.0031

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Abraham Kaiser's Application for Admittance to JCRS, 1908 July 24

Identifier: B002.01.0100.0031.00001
Abstract Application for admittance to JCRS filled out by hand in ink for Abraham Kaiser. Information on the form includes his age, birth place, occupation, residence, marital status, children's ages, nearest relatives, and signed by Abraham Kaiser. Under "Recommendation" are two names and addresses, one name is illegible, the address reads 2708 W. Colfax and Louis Shapiro, 2709 W. Colfax. The back of the form has section entitled "Report of Medical Examiner," which is dated July 24, 1908 and states...
Dates: 1908 July 24