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Rubin, Lillian Fogel, 1922-1997


Found in 10 Collections and/or Records:

Lillian Fogel Rubin Photograph Albums

Identifier: B194
Abstract Lillian Fogel Rubin was born in Denver, Colorado on August 17, 1922 to parents who came from Maczyv, Poland through Ellis Island in 1904. Her parents and aunts and uncles were Orthodox Jews. Lillian Fogel's mother belonged to the Sisterhood at the Hebrew Educational Alliance and the Auxiliaries of JCRS and Beth Israel Hospital. Lillian Fogel lived on the West Side of Denver until she married Herman Rubin in 1947 and they moved to Ogden, Utah. Lillian Rubin died in Ogden, Utah on March 24, 1997....
Dates: Other: 1930-1948

Lillian in Chicago, 1939-09-02

Identifier: B194.01.0001.0001.00002
Abstract This photograph is of Lillian Fogel Rubin with her uncle, and two other women.
Dates: 1939-09-02

Lillian With Friends, circa 1940

Identifier: B194.01.0001.0001.00003
Abstract This is a photo of Lillian Fogel Rubin with four friends. An inscription at the top reads, "Faye-Jan-Fran-Me-Dorothy."
Dates: circa 1940

Lillian With Two Friends, circa 1941

Identifier: B194.01.0001.0001.00001
Abstract This is a photograph of Lillian Fogel Rubin with two other women. Writing on the top of the photo reads, "Mel, Goldie, Me."
Dates: circa 1941

Manitou Incline Railroad, 1948-08-12

Identifier: B194.01.0001.00001
Abstract This is a photo of Lillian Fogel Rubin with family and others riding the Manitou Incline Railroad.
Dates: 1948-08-12

Moish in Philippines, 1945-08-15

Identifier: B194.01.0001.0001.00004
Abstract This is a photo of a soldier in the Philipines on August 15, 1945 which was sent to Lillian Fogel Rubin. There is a short letter inscribed on the back that reads: "Luzon, Philippine Islands | To my old gal friend + thoughts of the many swell times we had together. Love Moish. 15 Aug 45."
Dates: 1945-08-15

Newspaper Staff, 1937

Identifier: B194.01.0001.00004
Abstract This is a photograph of Lillian Fogel Rubin with the newspaper staff at her high school in 1937. She was editor as indicated by marginalia around the picture.
Dates: 1937

Photographs Scrapbook, 1939 - 1943

Identifier: B194.01.0001.0001
Abstract This "folder" is a scrapbook of photographs collected by Lillian Fogel Rubin. The scrapbook has a black cover with "Photographs" embossed in black lettering with a gold leaf backing. Many of the photographs are hand labeled with dates, names, etc.
Dates: 1939 - 1943

Sunday School Confirmation, 1937-05-23

Identifier: B194.01.0001.00003
Abstract This is a photo of Lillian Fogel Rubin with her Sunday School class at their confirmation. All of the individuals are identified with handwritten names and titles.
Dates: 1937-05-23

Washington Park Denver Colorado, 1939-06

Identifier: B194.01.0001.00002
Abstract This is a photo of Lillian Fogel Rubin at Washington Park in Denver, Colorado. The top of the photo is inscribed, "me and Corinne modeling."
Dates: 1939-06