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Scamehorn, H. Lee


Found in 20 Collections and/or Records:

Oral History Interview with Bill Brill, 1982 June 30, 2006

Identifier: BHS-SCA-018
Abstract Bill Brill came to work for CF&I in 1926 in the engineering department. He came to help build the twenty-five inch mill. He also made changes in the fourteen inch mill. He helped build the rod mill in 1954, and the shell plant that made shells for World War II. Later he also helped build the grader blade mill. Also worked in the blast furnace area. Had trouble designing furnaces when natural gas came into the picture in 1928. Brill also built a blast furnace in Wilmington, Deleware, but...
Dates: 1982 June 30; Digitization: 2006

Oral History Interview with Bob McCannon, 1985 June 12, 2006

Identifier: BHS-SCA-005
Abstract Robert (Bob) McCannon came to Pueblo, Colorado and CF&I in 1954 as a junior mine engineer in the mining department. In 1955, he went to Sunrise, Wyoming as a mining engineer. Next McCannon went to the Comstock Mine in Utah where he became the resident engineer in 1962. McCannon returned to the Sunrise Mine in 1968 as the mine's superintendent. One of his jobs was the terminator of assets. McCannon was employed at Sunrise until it shut down in 1980, and the assets were auctioned off in...
Dates: 1985 June 12; Digitization: 2006

Oral History Interview with David Carter, 1984 June 28, 2006

Identifier: BHS-SCA-006

David Carter graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 1933, came to work for CF&I in 1934 and spent two years working at the Sunrise Mine in Wyoming. Originally he worked as a rodman for fifty-five cents an hour. Then he did geology work for about twenty-five dollars a week.After coming to Pueblo, Colorado, Carter became the chief engineer in 1945. He retired in 1970.

Dates: 1984 June 28; Digitization: 2006

Oral History Interview with David Ellingwood, 1984 June 28, 2006

Identifier: BHS-SCA-004

David Ellingwood came to CF&I in 1950 after graduating from the University of New Hampshire. He was a geologist in the mining department. First his job was to expand the limestone reserve, later he examined iron in Arizona and in the 1960s he examined copper. In the 1970s he became the Chief Geologist, and his reports were very well indexed.

Dates: 1984 June 28; Digitization: 2006

Oral History Interview with Frank Yaklich, 1989 February 3, 2006

Identifier: BHS-SCA-002
Abstract Frank Yaklich was President of CF&I Steel Corporation. Born in Pueblo, Frank attended the University of Colorado majoring in Engineering. In 1960, he worked 2 years for Inland. Came to the CF & I as an industrial engineer then assigned to maintenance in the 25" Mill from 1962-1964. From 1964-1967 he worked at the Seamless Tube Mill, from 1967-1968, he was a design engineeer. In 1969 Frank worked as the Roll Shop Assistant Superintendent, in 1970 he was the Superintendent of Rolling...
Dates: 1989 February 3; Digitization: 2006

Oral History Interview with James G. Wark, 1985 June 11, 2006

Identifier: BHS-SCA-003

James G. Wark started in the CF&I mining department in 1958 and became a manager of mines on January 1, 1980. Wark then became the head of Evergreen Resources, a subsidiary of CF&I,which sold off chunks of CF&I property in the 1970s.

Dates: 1985 June 11; Digitization: 2006

Oral History Interview with Jasper Butero, 1989 September 30, 2006

Identifier: BHS-SCA-017

Jasper Butero was born at the Sopris Mining town owned by CF&I. His father moved there in 1901 after living three years in Louisiana. Butero was one of five brothers and graduated high school in 1936. He went to junior college for two years while working in the coal mines in the summer.In total he worked in the coal mines from 1941-1960, even making up to $4,800.00 one year. Butero was married in 1939.

Dates: 1989 September 30; Digitization: 2006

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