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Grey, Dolly, 1882-1956


Parallel Names

  • Gottleib, Hermina, Dorothy


Hermina Dorothy Gottlieb was born June 20, 1882 in New York, New York to Julius Gottlieb and and Mrs. Gottlieb. The Gottlieb family were Jewish Hungarian Americans. Dorothy married her husband, Bert Byron, on June 21, 1918 in Washington DC. Dorothy and Bert were vaudeville actors throughout the 1920s and her stage name was Dolly Grey. Dorothy died on February 24 1956 in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Found in 15 Collections and/or Records:

Accession: Grey and Byron Collection, B458

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 2023.095
Dates: 1908 - 1964

Box 1, 1942-1964

Identifier: B458.03.0001

Box includes one [1] file folder from the documents series. File folder five contains Bert Byron's selective service registration certificate, Bert Byron's Grand Lodge membership card, Bert Byron's property tax receipt from 1955, a copy of Bert Byron's Certificate of Death, Dolly Grey's funeral booklet, a copy of Dolly Grey's Certificate of Death, Pinellas County subdivision plat from 1951, and Bert Byron and Dolly Grey's warranty deed from 1951.

Dates: 1942-1964

Box 1: Portrait and Candid Photos, c. 1885-1960

 File — Box B458.02.0001: Series B458.02 [Barcode: U186023306263]
Identifier: B458.02.0001

Box includes four [4] file folders of photographs. File folder one: Photos of Bert Byron 1885-1917; file folder two: portraits of Dolly Grey 1885- c.1920; file folder three: photots of both Bert Byron and Dolly Grey c.1917-1954; file folder four: photos of Clara Dunn and Bert Byron in Florida 1938-1960.

Dates: c. 1885-1960

Box 1: Scripts, Poems, Lyrics, c. 1920

Identifier: B458.04.0001

Box includes five [5] file folders from the writing and music series. File folder six: lyrics and sheet music; file folder seven: notes and short stories; file folder eight: poems; file folder nine: short story by Dorothy Grey; file folder ten: scripts.

Dates: c. 1920

Box 1: Travel, Budget, Clippings, 1914-1956

Identifier: B458.05.0001

Box includes seven [7] file folders from the scrapbooks and ledgers series. File folder eleven: Byron and Grey clippings; file folder twelve: disassembled scrapbook of clippings; file folder thirteen: general ledger 1943-1956; file folder fourteen: calendars and general ledgers 1926-1942; file folder fifteen: calendars and general ledgers 1917-1947; file folder sixteen: vacation scrapbook 1954; file folder seventeen: 1914 European vacation.

Dates: 1914-1956

Box 4: Collars and Jewelry

 File — Box B458.01.01.0004: Series B458.01 [Barcode: U186023306271]
Identifier: B458.01.01.0004

This box contains accessories of Dolly Grey and the jewelry of both Dolly Grey and Bert Byron. The accessories include four [4] collars and two [2] pairs of gloves. The jewelry includes a brass clasp, a rhinestone clasp, a tie clasp with the letter "B", a square gold pin with initials "B.B.", and a round clasp with initials "B.B."

Dates: 1908-1920

Box 4: Portrait Photos, c. 1920

Identifier: B458.02.0004

This box contains multiple series: material culture, writings, and photographs. The photographs file folder contains two portrait photos including one of Bert Byron and one of Dolly Grey.

Dates: c. 1920

Box 5: Assuit shawl, c. 1920

 File — Box B458.01.01.0007: Series B458.01 [Barcode: U186023306166]
Identifier: B458.01.01.0005

Box contains Dolly Grey's Assuit shawl. Assuit shawls are a textile marrying mesh with small strips of metal.

Dates: c. 1920

Box 6: Suit, Cape, Fur Coat

 File — Box B458.01.01.0006: Series B458.01 [Barcode: U186023306182]
Identifier: B458.01.01.0006

Box contains Bert Byron's black three piece suit with matching cape and Dolly Grey's brown fur coat with matching muff.

Dates: 1908-1920

Clothing and Accessories

Identifier: B458.01.01

This sub-series contains the clothing items from both Bert Byron and Dolly Grey. Grey's clothing items include her furt coat and matching muff, two pairs of gloves, a pearl collar, and fur collars. Byron's clothing items include a black three piece suit and a black cape.

Dates: 1908-1920

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