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Stern, Elsie Lewin, 1892-


Found in 12 Collections and/or Records:

50th Anniversary of Julius and Flora Lewin, circa 1902

Identifier: B063.05.0021.00116
Overview Members of the Lewin family pose around Julius and Flora Lewin at the Progress Club in Denver, Colorado during their 50th Anniversary celebration. Back row left to right are Henry Richland, Edna Lewin, Elsie Lewin, Dave Lewin, Ann Lewin, Daisy Lewin, Sam Lustig, Bertha Lustig, Jesse Lewin, Lou Lewin, Bella Lewin, Ralph Lewin, Millie Lewin, Milton Lendner, and Dora Lewin. Middle row left to right are Minnie Richland, Ed Lewin, Julia Lewin, Albert Lewin, Julius Lewin, Flora Lewin, Phil Lewin,...
Dates: circa 1902

Costume Party, circa 1916

Identifier: B063.05.0021.00124
Overview Sixteen young men and women dressed in costume pose together, the women wearing police uniforms and holding rifles and the men wearing prisoner costumes. Top row left to right: Elsie Lewin, an unidentified man, Jessie Heidenheimer, Mackie Heidenheimer, an unidentified woman, Adolph Mayer, Berry Isaacson, and Lou Isaacson. Middle row left to right: an unidentified woman, Selma Grauman, Rita Silversmith, and Dolly Triefus. Bottom row left to right: Sam Mayer, an unidentified man, Alvin Friedman,...
Dates: circa 1916

Dinner Party at Goldman Home, 1913 December

Identifier: B063.05.0013.00032
Overview Several young people pose on a staircase during a dinner party at the Goldman Home. They are identified from left to right as follows: bottom row - Florence Goldman, Lillian Rachofsky, Corrinne Goldman, Hortense Weil, Louise Goldman, and Edna Lewin; second row - Rita Friedman, Selma Fist, Bernice Syman, Ruth Lehman, Hazel Marx, and Elsie Lewin; third row - Esther Morris, Milton Fist, Henry Frankel, and William Healy; fourth row - Murray Marcus, Milton Morris, and Harry Schlesinger; fifth row -...
Dates: 1913 December

Elsie Lewin, 1906

Identifier: B063.08.0024.00084
Overview Studio portrait of Elsie Lewin wearing a large hat.
Dates: 1906

Elsie Lewin, between 1950-1960

Identifier: B063.08.0024.00089
Overview Elsie Lewin stands beside a car parked in front of a large building.
Dates: between 1950-1960

Elsie Lewin Stern, between 1920-1940

Identifier: B063.08.0024.00091
Overview Elsie Lewin Stern stands on a beach in front of a boardwalk wearing a swim suit.
Dates: between 1920-1940

Lewin Family and Friends, circa 1909

Identifier: B063.05.0021.00086
Overview The Lewin sisters pose with friends in front of a painted wall in Denver, Colorado. Front row left to right Jessie Lewin, Alma Grauman, Ruth Hornbein, an unidentified Grauman, and Dr. Leana Eichbard. Top row left to right Florence Schradsky, Bea Robinson, Elsie Lewin, Dolly Zweetow Triefus, and Millie Lewin.
Dates: circa 1909

Lewin Family and Friends, 1911

Identifier: B063.05.0021.00088
Overview Several young women pose together outside. Standing left to right Barbara Landman, Millie Lewin, Bertha Dreyfuss, and Leana Levy and seated left to right Alma Grauman, Lily Rachofsky, an unidentified Grauman, Ruth Hornbein, and Elsie Lewin.
Dates: 1911

Lewin Family and Friends, 1911

Identifier: B063.05.0021.00115
Overview Lewin sisters and friends pose together outside of a house. Back row standing left to right unidentified, Millie Lewin, unidentified, Bertha Dreyfuss, Leana Levy, Miss Grauman, and an unidentified woman. Middle row left to right Lily Rachofsky and Elsie Lewin. Front row left to right unidentified, Alma Grauman, and Ruth Hornbein.
Dates: 1911

Lewin Family at Palmer Lake, circa 1898

Identifier: B063.05.0021.00105
Overview The Lewin Family at Palmer Lake, Colorado. Albert and Mary Lewin with seven of their children: Bella, Daisy, Millie, Ellsie, Edna, Melvin, and Sylvia.
Dates: circa 1898