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Korbel, Josef


DU International Relations professor and 1958 University lecturer will speak on New Findings of Archive Study (April 1958).
Newly appointed director of the DU Social Science Foundation talks on Co-existence now feasible (1959).
Delivers Address at DU's 1961 Alumni Lecture.
Takes a leave of absence in Fall 1962, to conduct a seminar at St. Anthony's College in Oxford.

Found in 34 Collections and/or Records:

The Denver Clarion, vol. 36, issue 19, 1959 November 20

Identifier: clarion_v036i19_19591120
Abstract Korbel Talks On World Unity – Co-existence Now Feasible States DU Foundation head. DU Student Delegates Invited to Attend National “Voice of Youth” Annual Confab. DU Greek Groups to Sponsor Drive for Girls’ Chapel. A and S Commission Presents Screen. Journalism Head to Talk at Meet. Quarter’s Last Clarion Tuesday. Panel Sets Tea.
Dates: 1959 November 20

The Denver Clarion, vol. 38, issue 20, 1961 December 1

Identifier: clarion_v038i20_19611201
Abstract NSA Affiliation Defeated – Wright Motion Lacks Majority. Yuletide Vespers Ends Fall Season. Nuclear Specialist and Minister to Speak at Centennial Lecture. Korbel to Deliver Address at DU’s 1961 Alumni Lecture. Seniors Note.
Dates: 1961 December 1

The Denver Clarion, vol. 38, issue 38, 1962 March 9

Identifier: clarion_v038i38_19620309
Abstract Senators Appoint 1962 Coordinators. At Founders’ Day Fete – Tate Seeks Re-avowal. Zain Lecture to Consider Neutral Goals. Korbel to Conduct Oxford Seminars. CARE Objective: $1,000 by this evening. Yearbook Pioneers Released; Awards Honor Service to DU.
Dates: 1962 March 9

The Denver Clarion, vol. 68, issue 11, 1963 October 25

Identifier: clarion_v068i11_19631025
Abstract Greek Show has Yet to Meet Dean’s Approval. Polish People’s Resistance Movement Lionized in Korbel’s Recent Volume. IFC’s Second Meeting Emphasizes Cooperation in Fraternity Ranks. Duncan Addresses HRM Meeting. Panhell Sponsors Sorority Sextet. Alter Announces His Position on Filling Vice-Chancellorship.
Dates: 1963 October 25

The Denver Clarion, vol. 72, issue 22, 1968 January 5

Identifier: clarion_v072i22_19680105
Abstract Marketing professor Robert Entenberg dies. Bizad dedicated at Thursday ceremony. Korbel explores Russian Communism, 1917-67. Closed circuit campus tv system teaches, lectures, serves student. Practice should make perfect, but not during DU’s registration.
Dates: 1968 January 5

The Denver Clarion, vol. 73, issue 9, 1968 October 16

Identifier: clarion_v073i09_19681016
Abstract Tenure threat praised, condemned by faculty. Korbel examines Czech invasion. New scholars Program attempts to experiment. Frosh elections set for Monday Senate moved to Bizad.
Dates: 1968 October 16

The Denver Clarion, vol. 77, issue 5, 1972 July 10

Identifier: clarion_v077i05_19720710
Abstract Korbel: Czechoslovakian liberalism. The Miami Circus – round one. KCFR live from Miami.
Dates: 1972 July 10

The Denver Clarion, vol. 80, issue 78, 1976 April 19

Identifier: clarion_v080i78_19760419
Abstract Howard Responds to Mitchell. Films Series Slated Tomorrow. Birth, Death, Technology – Illich to Speak. Korbel Inaugurates New Lecture Series. English Department Sponsors Contest.
Dates: 1976 April 19

The Denver Clarion, vol. 80, issue 80, 1976 April 23

Identifier: clarion_v080i80_19760423
Abstract Factors Prevent Smooth Ordering. Univ. Lecture Given. Election Injunctured. AUPB Selections: Kleinkopf Named. Korbel Discusses Détente. Spring Carnival Starts Tomorrow.
Dates: 1976 April 23

University Lecturers, 1960

Identifier: U201.02.0140.0006.00006
Abstract Black and white print of University of Denver professors named University Lecturer between 1955 and 1960: Fitzhugh Carmichael (1959), Josef Korbel (1958), Vance Kirkland (1957), Fred E. D'Amour (1955), and Ellwood Murray (1960).
Dates: 1960