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Oral History Interview with Gretl Uhl, 1995 July 11, 2006, 1923-1995

Identifier: AHS-C137


Gretl Uhl talks about her life from 1923 until 1995. She discusses her young family life in Germany including her introduction to the restaurant business and interest in skiing. Gretl also discusses her marriage to Sepp Uhl, her children, and their consequent move to Aspen, CO. In addition, Gretl converses on Aspen in the 50's and 60's. She describes her and Sepp's life as a ski instructor. Furthermore, Gretl discusses her restaurant: how she got interested in starting the restaurant, opening day, her work ethic and standards behind running a successful restaurant, and the later closing of the restaurant. Gretl also delves into her life after the closing of the restaurant. She worked as a consultant to the Merry-Go-Round, threw annual garden parties, entertained guests at her home, and skied. Gretl also discusses the death of her husband in 1993. Finally, Gretl discusses her thoughts on Aspen in 1995, focusing on the high property tax problem that is driving old times away from the town.


  • 1995 July 11
  • Digitization: 2006
  • Coverage: 1923-1995

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Oral History Interview with Gretl Uhl

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Biographical / Historical

Bio: Born on November 3, 1923, in Bavaria, Germany, Gretl Uhl learned about the restaurant business through her parents who ran a restaurant within the Olympic ski stadium. Although she helped around the restaurant, she spent most of her time and energy skiing. Gretl started racing in 1941 and was a member of the German National Team until 1951. In 1948, Gretl married Sepp Uhl and the couple moved to Aspen in 1953. In 1955, Gretl became a ski instructor for the Aspen Skiing Corp and became one of the top instructors. In 1966, Gretl began her restaurant on top of the mountain, Gretl's on Tourtelotte Park. The restaurant stayed open from 1966-1980 and Gretl became famous for her quality foods. Because of a lease contract that Gretl could not accept, she resigned in 1980 and the restaurant closed. For the next ten years, Gretl worked as a consultant, helping to run the Merry-G-Round restaurant in Aspen Highlands. Gretl continued to help others in the restaurant business, ski, and dance. She was inducted into the Aspen Hall of Fame on January 26, 2002. After battling cancer for two years, Gretl died on February 20, 2002, in her home in Aspen, CO.


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Title supplied by the Archivist: Anna L. Scott. Interview conducted on July 11, 1995. Accompanied by digital transcript.
Names discussed: Margaret Uhl, Gretl Hartl, Laura Ehler, Joseph Uhl, Eric Windish, Stein Erikson, Zena Cologh, Renada Uhl, Billy Schiffler, Tony Woerndle, Mr. Bakke, Carl Hoffman, Mrs. Shaw, Kurt and Laurie Bresnitz, Elizabeth, Anton Uhl, Mary Hayes, GLoria Schippert, Helen Peterson, Sarah Sabbatini, Friedl Pfeifer, Steen Ganzel, Martha Madsen, Herbert Bayer, Fred Iselin, Doug Pfeifer, Eric Windish, Darcy Brown Jr., Harry Pratt, Prince Faisal, King of Spain, Jack Nicholson, Sally Mencimer, George Hamilton, Ethel Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Paul Johnson, George Lloyd, George Schermerhorn, Robert Ronenburg, Edgar Stern, Doctor Mink.
Place Names: Germany, Batouse, Partenkirchen, Bulgaria, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Vail, Friedberg, United States, Austria, Strasbourg, Hamburg, Aspen, Munich, New York, Glenwood Springs, Main Street, Aspen Mountain, Bell Mountain, 320 West Hallam, Chicago, Buttermilk, Highlands, Colorado, Sun Valley, Tourtelotte Park, Carbondale, Red Mountain, North Pole, Hawaii, Taos, Europe, Beaver Creek, Aspen Highlands, Deer Valley, Park City, California, Brazil, Russia, Siberia, Mongolia, Buttermilk.
Business', Buildings, Organizations, Schools: Olympic Ski Stadium, "Hutl", Partnaclom, Partenkichen, Art Academy, American Army, American Counsel in Munich, Maritania, Beck and Bishop, Alpine Jeweler, Mesa Store, Aspen Ski School, Hotel Jerome, Elli's, Hillside Lodge, Spar Gulch, Lift One, Two Lift, Southern Rocky Mountain Ski Instructors Association, Aspen Skiing Co., Sundeck, Gretl's on Tourtelotte Park, Thrift Shop, Number Eight, Merry Go Round, Mayor of Innsbruck, Telluride, Steamboat, Red Onion, Copper Kettle, Aspen Historical Society.
Movies, Books, Newspapers mentioned: "Skiing Between Pole and Palms," "New York Times," "Chicago Tribune," "Los Angeles Times," "Women Wear Daily," "Town and Country."

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